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Data Rates
TracPhone V3-IP4

2 Mbps

128 Kbps

Data Rates
TracPhone V7-IP4

3 Mbps

512 Kbps

Data Rates
TracPhone V11-IP4

4 Mbps

1 Mbps

Data Allotment
per Month

250 MB

Over Plan Monthly Allotment


Cost per Month


Data Service: V7-IP/V7 - Ku-Band; V11-IP/V11 - Ku/C-Band

1 Flex Terms below
2 System configuration & crew allocation tools only available with TracPhone VIP-series antenna systems
3 TracPhone V3-IP/V3 has 1 available phone line
4 Plans also available for TracPhone V3, V7 and V11 antenna systems.

General Terms

  • All prices are in USD and do not include any taxes or fees that may apply.
  • All rate plans are based on a minimum 1-year contract.
  • Published data rates are rate plan maximums and may vary in different regions and under different conditions. Subscribers will typically experience speeds ship-to-shore that are 70-80% of the published data rates.
  • All services and plans are subject to the KVH Airtime Services End User Agreement.
  • A maximum of 5 Global Static IP addresses are available per modem. See for details.
  • KVH offers first voice line at no charge and second voice line at $20/month. KVH-assigned voice line phone numbers for either line are provided at no charge. User-specified voice line phone numbers for either line are $20/month.
  • Virtual local phone numbers can be added for a monthly fee of $20 per number (5 max per voice line) where available and are subject to in-country regulations. The list of available area/city codes worldwide can be found at
  • With Metered Plans, both incoming and outgoing calls are charged at $0.49/minute. A few select countries and satellite phone services are blocked. Contact KVH Airtime Services for special rates for these areas and services.

Flex Plan Additional Terms

  • Suspension is permitted for 1-month increments with no minimum or maximum limit. For complete details, see KVH mini-VSAT Broadband “Flex Airtime Rate Plan Changes and Suspension Policies” and “Flex Airtime Rate Plan Change & Suspension Form” at
  • Fees for remote diagnostics and monitoring service, GlobalCare, KVH OneCare™ Technical Assistance Package, VoIP lines, and fax server remain in effect during the suspension period.
  • A $100 fee applies for each rate plan service suspension and for each rate plan service reactivation and each requires the submission of a “Flex Airtime Rate Plan Change & Suspension Form”.
  • IP-MobileCast™ is not available with Flex Plans.


The Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) is the streamlined all-in-one belowdecks unit that drives the TracPhone V7-HTS. It features a browser-based user interface and a convenient iPhone® app for system status, updates, and support. Replacing a full rack of components required for competitors’ systems, the 2U-high ICM contains:
  • IP-enabled antenna control unit
  • CommBox™ Network Manager
  • High-throughput modem
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) adapter
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet switch
  • Content storage and access for IP-MobileCast™ and Videotel™ training content
  • Support for over-the-air software updates for the ICM and antenna unit
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