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The TracVision antenna must be installed out of the beam path of nearby radars as the radar energy levels may overload the antenna's front-end circuits.

In an ideal installation, the antenna is mounted four feet above and four feet away from the radar (measured from the center of the antenna dome to the center of the radar). Measuring antenna placement should be based on the center of the dome to the center of the radar antenna.

The best placement is to put the TracVision antenna above the radar. However, if there will be a significant horizontal separation between the radar and TV dome (i.e., at least 8 to 10 feet), the TracVision antenna can be below the radar as there will be little chance of signal blockage. Please review your TracVision installation manual for best practices for system installation.
Yes, you may paint the TracVision dome if you wish. However, to minimize signal loss, do not use a metallic paint. Also, please use a minimal number of coats as excessive layers of paint are detrimental to the signal.


The TracVision HD7 uses KVH's patent-pending TriAD antenna technology, which allows it to receive signals from three DIRECTV satellites simultaneously for a DIRECTV HD experience just like at home.

New KVH TracVision antennas are capable of switching satellites, enabling you to subscribe to multi-satellite services.

Certain systems (M1, M2, M3ST, A7) are compatible only with DIRECTV and its basic satellites.

Yes, we have a comprehensive dealer database available on-line. Simply visit our "Where to Buy" page. From here you choose the product category and product model of interest and then search by state, zip/postal code, or country to find the dealer, distributor, or sales representative nearest you.

Absolutely. With the addition of the dedicated Crew Calling Gateway, you equip your mini-VSAT Broadband system with a separate telephone line exclusively for crew and passenger use. Passengers and your crew will be able to place calls anywhere in the world using the Crew Calling phone while crew usage is tracked separately from your standard usage for easy service management and tracking.

Offering access to this service is simple:

  • Purchase $25 or $100 mini-VSAT Broadband Crew Calling cards for resale, or
  • Minimize your administrative needs and allow the crew or your charter guests to use the crew calling phone to buy minutes directly from KVH Industries using their credit card.

Visit the crew calling page for complete details.


The TracVision HD7 relies on KVH's new Tri-rod Antenna Design (TriAD) technology (patents pending), a compact maritime satellite TV system to connect you to DIRECTV's new Ka-band HDTV satellites at 99°W and 103°W as well as the original Ku-band satellite at 101°W simultaneously.

These broadcasts are concentrated by the sculpted reflector and tuned subreflector before reaching the unique tri-rod dielectric feed, which receives the three signals and relays them to the tri-satellite low noise block (LNB). To support full in-motion reception, the TriAD technology also includes multi-axis dynamic tracking. This approach automatically adjusts the tri-rod dieletric feed and the LNB to match the angle of the satellites as they appear in the Clarke Belt, the arc of geosynchronous satellites 22,500 miles above the Equator.

For more details, visit the TracVision HD7 product page.


Please click here for easy, online product registration. This form may be used by all customers and is automatically customized based on your selected country.

If you choose not to use the convenient online form, every KVH product also includes a printed product/warranty registration form that you may fill out and return to the address listed on the form.

Your KVH product is covered by its warranty automatically from the date of purchase. This warranty will be honored by authorized KVH technicians, installers, distributors, and dealers worldwide. Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.

KVH offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its website, Using our on-line customer support service, accessible through the FAQ and Product Support links, you can access a detailed database of technical questions and potential solutions.

If you need additional support or believe that your KVH product does, indeed, require service, you can contact our technical support team in the following ways:

1. Contact the technical dealer nearest you. A searchable directory of dealers is available here.

2. Click here for a list of KVH technical support offices and online resources.

Be sure to provide a detailed description of the problem, your product information (serial number and product model are required), and how we can contact you.

The antenna moves freely in an unpowered antenna. Powering the system will cause the system to lock the antenna in a fixed location and compensate for vessel motion. To protect against damage, we recommend the system always be powered while the vessel is underway.
Cables and connectors are extremely important for the proper operation of the TracVision system. It is essential that you use RG6 cable or the equivalent with good quality F-connectors (18 V, 250 ma, corrosion protected) for runs up to 50 feet. For runs of more than 50 feet, we recommend RG11 cable or equivalent. However, we recommend that you review your TracVision installation manual for complete details regarding cabling and installation requirements.
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