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Make sure that you have 12 VDC on the white wire.  If 12 VDC is running through the white wire and the display still will not light up, the unit will need to be returned to KVH for repair. Please contact KVH Technical Support at (401) 847-3327 or via e-mail at for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number.
The Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) is the streamlined all-in-one belowdecks unit that drives the TracPhone V7-HTS. It features a browser-based user interface and a convenient iPhone® app for system status, updates, and support. Replacing a full rack of components required for competitors’ systems, the 2U-high ICM contains:
  • IP-enabled antenna control unit
  • CommBox™ Network Manager
  • High-throughput modem
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) adapter
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet switch
  • Content storage and access for IP-MobileCast™ and Videotel™ training content
  • Support for over-the-air software updates for the ICM and antenna unit
During the calibration process, the KVH GyroTrac, Azimuth, or Sailcomp compass will isolate the magnetic field of the host platform (the vessel) from the earth's magnetic field. As the vessel is turned in a large slow circle (less that 3 degrees per second), the interaction between the vessel's magnetic field and the earth's magnetic field is carefully measured. The characteristics of the vessel are determined, and a deviation table is created within the software. The compass will now account for the vessel's magnetic field when measuring the earth's magnetic field, ensuring more accurate heading information.
A fluxgate compass sensor uses electronic means to measure angular position relative to lines of force of the earth's magnetic field. The fluxgate sensor consists of five main parts:

1. A permalloy core made of iron and nickel.

2. A liquid that keeps the permalloy afloat and also keeps the core material horizontal when the moving platform tilts.

3. At right angles to the core material, donut-shaped coils registering different voltages with respect to changing magnetic fields.

4. The Lexan housing enclosing the core material, liquid, and coils; and

5. A microprocessor calculating and converting the voltages into heading data.

The Azimuth 1000 is the heads-up choice in heading information for powerboats of all types. The Azimuth 1000 is designed to military quality standards and has been chosen as standard equipment for many Fountain powerboats. It is the rugged, reliable, rock-steady, digital fluxgate compass for today's navigation. The self-contained compass system offers digital heading, compass rose, and off-course steering modes as well as NMEA 0183 compatibility, providing tremendous versatility and valuable navigation data aboard your powerboat. For additional information about the Azimuth 1000, visit the Azimuth 1000 product page.

Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.

KVH is pleased to offer world-class support and warranty coverage for all of its products. Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on global support pages.

There are several options for receiving warranty service:

1. If practical, you should contact the dealer/distributor that originally installed your KVH product. This dealer/distributor will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

2. If you can't contact the original dealer/distributor or are in a different geographic region, you can contact the nearest KVH-authorized dealer/distributor. A listing of these dealers/distributors is available on These dealers/distributors will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

3. If you are having trouble locating a dealer/distributor, visit for details on how to contact one of KVH's Technical Support offices.

Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.
It's critical to remember that a fluxgate compass IS a magnetic compass. However, a fluxgate compass will generally react more quickly and can be corrected for deviation more effectively than a liquid magnetic compass.

In almost every case, yes. The compass sensor cannot be mounted on steel, and should be mounted so that it is no closer than about 18" to any steel. Other than that, a KVH fluxgate compass will generally have no problem on a steel boat.

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