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Have a question about your KVH product? No problem – just use the tools below to find information and troubleshooting tips for your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact the KVH support team.

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Empty domes are available should you wish to have a matching dome installation on your boat. Also, KVH's TracPhone domes are identical to their TracVision counterparts, enabling you to have a balanced, dual-dome installation that offers satellite TV and satellite communications. Click here to find a KVH dealer near you for information and pricing.
No. All TracVision antennas can support multiple video screens and multiple receivers so each TV screen can show a different channel.
Yes, a single TracVision antenna can support multiple video screens. As with satellite TV in your house, if you have a single receiver, all of the TV screens will show the same programming. However, if you install multiple receivers, each video screen can watch a different channel simultaneously. All TracVision antennas support both configurations, however, some models require additional hardware.
KVH recommends that you rinse the radome once a month to remove any dirt or grime. On an annual basis, visually inspect the interior of the antenna unit for signs of corrosion, loose connections, and to be sure that the mechanism is moving easily. Please review your TracVision owner's manual for additional details.

A wide range of technical documentation, including user's guides, installation information, and technical manuals, can be found on every KVH product's individual web page.

For Current Products 

Simply browse the product of interest and click on the appropriate link on the left. A list of available documents will appear. Just click on the document you need and a PDF version will be downloaded either into your browser or onto your desktop.

For Retired Products 

If you are looking for documentation for a product that has been retired (i.e., is no longer in production and does not have an individual web page anymore), the final revisions of the manuals, user guides, and quick reference guides are available to download as PDF documents from the Support section. Once there, visit the Product Support Library then Manuals to select the product of interest.

Please note – you will need to log in with a free user account to access and download some documentation.

If you can't find the manual you need either on our web site or in the FAQ database, send us an e-mail at and let us know which manual you need.


KVH is pleased to offer TracVision satellite TV systems that are fully compatible with HDTV programming. For example, our new TracVision HD7 uses patent-pending TriAD antenna technology to receive signals from three DIRECTV satellites simultaneously for a DIRECTV HD experience just like at home. We also offer systems that are fully compatible with HD from DISH Network and Bell TV in North America as well as services around the globe. For complete details about the available services and compatible systems, visit our HDTV resource page.

1) If you own a TracVision HD7 or HD11, set up the receivers as Dish Type 03:Slimline-3, Switch Type 01:SWM, and if a DVR is used set Tuners to 02:Dual (accessed by Menu->Parental Favorites and Setup->System Setup->Satellite->Repeat Satellite Setup)

2) If not an HD7 or HD11, set up the receivers as Dish Type 02:3-LNB 18x20, Switch Type 02:Multiswitch (accessed by Menu->Parental Favorites and Setup->System Setup->Satellite->Repeat Satellite Setup)


DIRECTV offers a great deal for mobile subscribers who already have DIRECTV programming at home, allowing you to add your vehicle or vessel receivers to your home account for the same amount as adding another TV and receiver to your house.

Absolutely. Through our authorized dealers, KVH makes available an RF sensing switch that measures the signal strength from the primary antenna. If it drops below a target level, it will automatically switch to the backup antenna. For complete details, contact your local authorized TracVision dealer.
KVH has an international network of technical dealers who can provide you with technical service, support, software upgrades, repairs, etc. Please visit the Where to Get Service page to find the dealer nearest you.
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