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Have a question about your KVH product? No problem – just use the tools below to find information and troubleshooting tips for your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact the KVH support team.

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Visit KVH's airtime coverage page for the most up-to-date coverage maps and news.
There are several options for receiving warranty service:

1. If practical, you should contact the dealer/distributor that originally installed your KVH product. This dealer/distributor will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

2. If you can't contact the original dealer/distributor or are in a different geographic region, you can contact the nearest KVH-authorized dealer/distributor. A listing of these dealers/distributors is available on These dealers/distributors will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

3. If you are having trouble locating a dealer/distributor, visit for details on how to contact one of KVH's Technical Support offices.

Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.
Your TracPhone system may be configured to automatically connect to the FleetBroadband network upon startup. This Automatic Activation feature can result in inadvertent airtime usage (for example, Windows Automatic Updates will connect to the Internet on its own). KVH recommends that you disable Automatic Activation to prevent this from happening.  Training videos can be found here.
Not being able to get through or losing a call in progress is extremely rare, unlike cellular. In fact, the quality of the system can far exceed some of the cellular circuits.

Yes, all TracPhone systems are compatible with shipboard PABX systems and onboard computer networks (when connected to an IP router). TracPhone systems allow you to simultaneously connect your telephone/PABX system, fax machine, and computer, giving you the versatility of a total communications center. For information about KVH's complete line of marine satellite communication systems, visit KVH's TracPhone family page.

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