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TracNet 3.0 is compatible with KVH's 45 cm, 60 cm, and 82 cm TracVision satellite TV antennas, including members of the new M-series.

Yes!  TRAININGlink delivers the latest Videotel digital training updates at sea whenever they are available, without affecting your data plan.


No, the TracPhone V3-HTS has a single high-speed data channel that operates as fast as 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up). If you have a large number of people onboard or have data needs that could be optimized with two simultaneous data channels, please consider the TracPhone V7-HTS.

While there is no option to convert a TracPhone V3-IP to a V3-HTS, we’ve made it as easy as possible to replace the older system with the new, faster system. The dome is exactly the same size and so uses the same mounting pattern. In addition, the existing cables for the TracPhone V3-IP are fully compatible with the new antenna. Finally, swapping out the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) belowdecks with the new ICM is straightforward as the units are exactly the same size.

Yes. The KVH Extended-Standard Warranty transfers if a vessel is sold as long as the equipment is left in place as originally installed by KVH or a CSN partner. 

  • Goals:
    • Operating cost certainty over time to help a customer achieve their vessel operating budget
    • In force standard or extended warranty coverage enables a rapid global service response when a problem occurs because all necessary arrangements to cover the cost of repair are in place
  • Benefits:
    • •     Assuring total cost of ownership
    • •     Faster service response when a problem occurs as a result of no confusion or time lost over who will be paying for the repair
  • Service features:
    • OneCare extended warranty covers all KVH manufactured equipment included in a deployed mini-VSAT Broadband solution and, when purchased with a Premium or Global Technical Assistance Package including additional KVH TracPhone, TracVision, and media server products
  • Warranty terms:
    • KVH standard warranty covering parts and labor
    • Offered in one year extension increments
    • From expiration of KVH’s standard warranty through year five


No, the TracVision LF and SF antennas have been retired in favor or KVH's new TracVision R-series satellite TV antennas.

For complete details regarding the new TracVision R-series, please visit our product pages.


We're sorry but you have us confused with another company. We are KVH Industries, the manufacturer of the award-winning line of Tracphone global satellite communication systems.

We have nothing to do with the various pre-paid cellular phone products being sold under the Tracfone brand name.

KVH Industries DOES NOT provide any technical, sales, or billing support for these pre-paid cellular phone products, pre-paid cellular cards, etc. Please do not submit questions about these products to us as we will be unable to assist you. Direct all questions regarding these pre-paid cellular phone products to Tracfone National Pre-paid Wireless at or contact them directly at 1-800-867-7183.


If the installation was carried out correctly, you should have a crystal-clear TV picture at all times, whether the antenna is on or off (unless the antenna is blocked in some way). If you are seeing "snow" in the TV picture when the antenna is turned on, the noise may be coming from a bad shield or bad ground somewhere in the wiring. Check all RF connectors for bad crimps, and be sure not to use the screw-on type of RF connectors. Check the system's power cable and make certain that the shield is not connected to the DC ground on the battery end of the cable. The only end of the cable that should be connected is the shield on the antenna end. You will also want to bypass any A/B switches you may be using.

Certainly. A multi-service interface box is required first to allow the use of home service receivers from DIRECTV, DISH Network, and ExpressVu. Click here to contact your nearest KVH dealer for more details.
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