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If the installation was carried out correctly, you should have a crystal-clear TV picture at all times, whether the antenna is on or off (unless the antenna is blocked in some way). If you are seeing "snow" in the TV picture when the antenna is turned on, the noise may be coming from a bad shield or bad ground somewhere in the wiring. Check all RF connectors for bad crimps, and be sure not to use the screw-on type of RF connectors. Check the system's power cable and make certain that the shield is not connected to the DC ground on the battery end of the cable. The only end of the cable that should be connected is the shield on the antenna end. You will also want to bypass any A/B switches you may be using.

TracVision was designed specifically for automotive installation and the rigors of automotive and RV driving. It is not recommended for off-road vehicles or tractor trailers.

KVH strenuously urges you to use TracVision and all onboard entertainment systems safely and responsibly. It is illegal and highly unsafe for a video screen to be mounted in such as position that the driver can watch TV. As with any onboard electronics or products, please be sure that the driver pays attention to the road and gets you to and from your destination safely.
Yes, you can. All new TracVision antennas are capable of supporting multiple receivers and TVs. Please see the installation instructions for your specific TracVision system for complete details.

Because the RF remote control's signal will pass through cabinets and furniture not made of metal, you can install KVH's12V mobile DIRECTV receiver/controller virtually anywhere and not have to be worried about line of sight.


Absolutely. The TracVision R4 can be upgraded to easily become an in-motion system. Additional hardware may be needed. Contact your nearest KVH dealer for details.


Home DVRs, like TiVo, or receiver/DVR combos, have two tuners in them, allowing them to record and/or watch two channels simultaneously. If you're at home and have satellite TV service, this is a good thing as your home antenna is capable of looking at multiple satellites simultaneously, allowing you to watch a channel being broadcast on one satellite and record a channel broadcast by a second satellite.

However, this can be a problem with many in-motion satellite TV antennas, which are only able to see one satellite at a time. As a result, the DVR might try to watch/record two channels that are being broadcast by two satellites even though the antenna can only see one, causing some technical confusion and less-than-optimal performance.

The exception to the rule - KVH's new maritime TracVision HD7 for DIRECTV HD. Using our patent pending TriAD technology, the TracVision HD7 is capable of receiving signals from three DIRECTV satellites at once, just like home.


While suitable for a houseboat, KVH's land mobile TracVision products are not designed for the extreme pitch, roll, and yaw often found while boating in open waters. As a result, the R6 systems are not recommended for use in more dynamic marine environments. For boating applications, we invite you to consider KVH's TracVision marine products.

No. At this time, TracVision A7 is designed to work only within the continental United States.

Like all satellite TV systems, TracVision antennas require a clear view of the Southern sky to see and track the satellite. In a city, the various buildings and other structures will block the view to the satellite as you travel, resulting in intermittent or no satellite signal. Depending on your location in the continental United States, the satellite will be lower in the sky as you head further North, higher as you head South.


Due to expanding channel lineups, satellite TV services such as DISH 500, DISH TurboHD, ExpressVu, and some DIRECTV packages broadcast programming from two or more satellites. All new KVH TracVision satellite TV systems are fully capable of switching automatically among two or three satellites simply by changing the channel using the remote control when one or two receivers are installed.

However, TracVision owners who subscribe to a two-satellite package AND have a TracVision installation that includes three or more receivers will require KVH's simple one-button TV/SAT Switch to support the satellite switching process. This is due to the use of an active multiswitch in the installation, which blocks the signals from the remote control and receiver from reaching the TracVision antenna.

Current TracVision systems that will require a TV/SAT Switch in this circumstance include:

Marine TracVision: C3, M5 (switchplate option), M7 (switchplate option)
Land Mobile: TracVision R4SL, R5SL, R4, R5

Note: The TV/SAT Switch is not compatible with three-satellite services, including DISH Network's DISH TurboHD.

To order a TV/SAT Switch, contact either your local TracVision dealer or the KVH sales department at +1 401.851.3862 to request part #01-0245.

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