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No.  TracPhone Fleet One SIM is for TracPhone Fleet One only.


Yes.  The TracPhone Fleet One uses GPS positioning system by default, but you can select between GPS, Beidou (Chinese satellite navigation system), GPS and Beidou and GPS and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System).


No.  One of the TracPhone Fleet One key features is charge free roaming calls anywhere in the world.  The call cost is the same no matter where you are in the world.


Yes.  The TracPhone Fleet One system has a built-in filter that makes it resilient to interference from terrestrial mobile systems that operate inside the Inmarsat band and that may be located near the coast.


Yes.  The built-in web interface in the terminal is used for easy configuration and daily use. The web interface is accessed via a computer connected to the terminal, using an Internet browser. No installation of software is needed.

Web Interface Includes:

  • Settings and control
  • Phone book
  • PBX (private branch exchange)
  • SMS
  • Open data connections
  • Languages: Web interface: Choose: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Call logs
  • Signal strength
  • Restricted dialing
  • Data limits
  • Dashboard
    • Data connections
    • Calls
    • GPS Position
    • Satellite selection
    • System status
    • Antenna status
Yes. TracPhone Fleet One has 24/7 access to rescue center with voice distress and Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service. This service is available out of region and by handset only.

Inmarsat is releasing a new Fleet One App (currently in beta, estimated planned release Q415) that lets the user track their location relative to their data region.  The App specifics:

  • Android and iOS version
  • Will indicate against the map
  • Fleet One GPS, device GPS or manual position
  • Indicates distance to edge
  • Map updates indicated

 Some screenshots:

coverage chart


TracPhone Fleet One has a standard “plug and play” Ethernet connection to a computer, and with an optional wireless router can support smartphones, tablets and additional laptops - allowing multiple users to access the internet at the same time.

 How to connect chart


Activation requires filling out the Airtime Services Activation Order.  You can get a copy of the order form at: 

Airtime Activation

Example of the order form…

Airtime Services

Airtime Services Activation Order


By default the app is set to notify a user when they are 10 Nautical Miles from the edge of coverage.  This setting can be changed through the “Distance Sensitivity” option with the app settings.

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