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Have a question about your KVH product? No problem – just use the tools below to find information and troubleshooting tips for your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact the KVH support team.

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Check the "compensation display" to see if the sensor has already accepted a compensation and if autocompensation is disabled

You may be turning too fast. Make sure you are not traveling faster than 90 degrees in 30 seconds. Go slowly!

Conditions may be too rough. The boat's pitch and roll may be affecting the sensor. Move to more sheltered water or wait until conditions improve before attempting to compensate the compass again.

The compass sensor's location may be magnetically unstable. Move the sensor away from changing magnetic fields (e.g., electric motors, metal equipment that is frequently moved, etc.).
Check the power supply to the Sailcomp. The battery voltage may be incorrect or so low that even "Lo" or "bAt" cannot be displayed. The Sailcomp requires 12v DC to ensure proper operation.

There may be an electrical noise source too near sensor. Install an inline noise filter to eliminate the problem. KVH recommends the Radio Shack 270-051 or its equivalent.

Check all cables and connectors to make sure that they are properly connected. You should also check the sockets or pins in the connector plugs or junction box receptacles because they may be dirty. If they are dirty, use a soft bristled brush and a contact cleaner (such as those you might find at Radio Shack, etc.). Take care not to use any hard object that could bend the connector pins.
Since fluxgate compasses are magnetic compasses, they can only reference the earth's magnetic field. They can not reference the earth's inertia and therefore cannot be made to know True North.

If you wish to navigate in true heading, you have a couple of options. KVH's Azimuth 1000, Azimuth 314AC, GyroTrac, and Sailcomp 103AC allow you to enter an offset angle. This means that you can enter your local variation value (either positive or negative) and the compass display will show true rather than magnetic heading. When your variation changes because you have traveled a significant distance, however, that offset angle will not update automatically. You must update it manually.

The GyroTrac can also interface with a vessel's GPS, allowing the compass to learn the variation from the GPS. With this option, your GyroTrac will give true heading and will automatically update to the correct variation.

A wide range of technical documentation, including user's guides, installation information, and technical manuals, can be found on every KVH product's individual web page.

For Current Products 

Simply browse the product of interest and click on the appropriate link on the left. A list of available documents will appear. Just click on the document you need and a PDF version will be downloaded either into your browser or onto your desktop.

For Retired Products 

If you are looking for documentation for a product that has been retired (i.e., is no longer in production and does not have an individual web page anymore), the final revisions of the manuals, user guides, and quick reference guides are available to download as PDF documents from the Support section. Once there, visit the Product Support Library then Manuals to select the product of interest.

Please note – you will need to log in with a free user account to access and download some documentation.

If you can't find the manual you need either on our web site or in the FAQ database, send us an e-mail at and let us know which manual you need.

Look in the manual for the KVH product for the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) sentence header(s) that are available. Compare these headers with the sentence headers your GPS will receive or transmit, depending on your application. If they correspond, the two systems will communicate.
Turn the boat 720 degrees (i.e., two complete circles). This allows the compass to read the difference between the earth's constant magnetic pull and the magnetic forces on board. As your boat turns, the compass software is able to identify the strength and direction of the onboard magnetic deviation and correct for it.
AC current is driven through the core material and serves to amplify the earth's magnetic field. The current drives the torodial, donut-shaped coils in and out of magnetic saturation. Four coils, which rest at right angles to each other, register varying lines of flux relative to each one's position with respect to the earth's magnetic field. The differences between these lines of flux are measured and converted into a voltage by a second wire coiled around the outside of the Lexan housing. A microprocessor calculates and converts the voltages into heading data.
No. Maxi displays are assembled in the factory as sealed units. Once opened, they need to be resealed at the factory to be considered waterproof. If you open the unit, you will void any warranty associated with the display.
Yes, we have a comprehensive dealer database available on-line. Simply visit our "Where to Buy" page. From here you choose the product category and product model of interest and then search by state, zip/postal code, or country to find the dealer, distributor, or sales representative nearest you.

Please click here for easy, online product registration. This form may be used by all customers and is automatically customized based on your selected country.

If you choose not to use the convenient online form, every KVH product also includes a printed product/warranty registration form that you may fill out and return to the address listed on the form.

Your KVH product is covered by its warranty automatically from the date of purchase. This warranty will be honored by authorized KVH technicians, installers, distributors, and dealers worldwide. Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.

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