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Have a question about your KVH product? No problem – just use the tools below to find information and troubleshooting tips for your product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please contact the KVH support team.

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The Sailcomp 103AC has not been connected to a NMEA 0183 loran or GPS. Refer to your owner's manuals for connection instructions.

The Loran or GPS that the Sailcomp 103AC is connected to may not be not turned on. If it is turned on, check the wiring between the Loran/GPS and Sailcomp 103AC.

No waypoints have been entered into the Loran or GPS, or the Loran/GPS has not been instructed to steer to a waypoint. Make sure you have properly entered waypoints into the Loran or GPS and programmed the Loran to steer to waypoints. Refer to your Loran/GPS owner's manual for waypoint programming directions.
There are several options for receiving warranty service:

1. If practical, you should contact the dealer/distributor that originally installed your KVH product. This dealer/distributor will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

2. If you can't contact the original dealer/distributor or are in a different geographic region, you can contact the nearest KVH-authorized dealer/distributor. A listing of these dealers/distributors is available on These dealers/distributors will provide any and all service and repairs covered by your product warranty.

3. If you are having trouble locating a dealer/distributor, visit for details on how to contact one of KVH's Technical Support offices.

Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on our Warranty pages.
It's critical to remember that a fluxgate compass IS a magnetic compass. However, a fluxgate compass will generally react more quickly and can be corrected for deviation more effectively than a liquid magnetic compass.

In almost every case, yes. The compass sensor cannot be mounted on steel, and should be mounted so that it is no closer than about 18" to any steel. Other than that, a KVH fluxgate compass will generally have no problem on a steel boat.

You can use a Sailcomp 103AC Display with a Sailcomp PC103. Visit your local KVH dealer to purchase a display, or contact our sales department at for complete information or to request a Sailcomp user manual.
The standard output for a KVH compass is NMEA 0183. Most manufacturers of marine navigation equipment will accept NMEA 0183 serial data as a compass input. If this is the case with your equipment, a KVH compass will work with your equipment out of the box.

There are some manufacturers whose equipment will either not accept NMEA 0183 data, or will work better using a different type of input. KVH offers interfaces that will allow a KVH compass to supply almost any of these inputs.
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