P-1775 IMU

Superior, Proven Performance for the Most Demanding Environments and Applications

With improved reliability and environmental survivability over competing technologies, the P-1775 IMU features KVH's all-new, exclusive photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology. An advanced inertial sensor system, the high-performing P-1775 IMU is designed for systems and applications where very high bandwidth, low latency, and low drift are critical. The P-1775 IMU is integrated with low-noise accelerometers and three axes of magnetometers to provide the high accuracy levels that leading autonomous platforms demand.

  • Designed for ease of integration with flexible interface and programmable message outputs
  • Proven performance in critical applications and the specs that matter most
  • Solid state design provides long life and dependable, consistent operation
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P-1775 IMU
P-1775 IMU autonomous vehicle application
P-1775 IMU
P-1775 IMU robotic application
P-1775 IMU air application


  • Extremely high bandwidth (≥1000 Hz)
  • User-programmable data rates from
    1 to 5000 Hz
  • User-configurable baud rate from 9.6 Kbps to 4147 Kbps to minimize communication latency and receive data faster
1775 IMU
  • Asynchronous RS-422 protocol, full differential interface
  • 3-axis magnetometer for magnetic field compensation
  • Compact and lightweight - <0.7 kg (1.5 lbs.)

Technology Details

Exclusive Technology

Photonic Integrated Chip Technology
KVH’s new photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology* reimagines FOG technology by replacing individual fiber components with an innovative integrated planar optic chip. This results in a FOG with PIC Inside that’s even more reliable and delivers superior repeatability unit-to-unit. With three of these integrated photonic gyros at its core, the P-1775 IMU provides the safe, accurate performance autonomous platforms demand.

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*Protected by U.S. Patent # 10,274,319. Additional patents pending.

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DSP Technology
KVH’s DSP electronics improve FOG performance in critical areas such as scale factor and bias vs. temperature, scale factor linearity, and maximum input rate. KVH’s exclusive DSP design overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.

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