Two Highly Reliable Technologies in One Low-cost Commercial INS

The versatile KVH CNS-5000 combines two complementary technologies – KVH’s Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based IMU with NovAtel’s OEM6® GNSS precision receiver technology – within a single enclosure. The deep coupling of these technologies within the CNS-5000 optimizes the raw GPS and IMU data, delivering a superior position, velocity, and attitude solution. Features:


  • Meets Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) requirements
  • Patented KVH FOGs for high reliability and stable performance 
  • Low-cost, small form factor solution designed for 3D positioning, velocity, and attitude measurement
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  • Fast GPS signal reacquisition while maintaining precise inertial navigation
  • Full 100 Hz position, velocity and attitude sensing
  • Integrated L-Band tracking capability
application image of CNS 5000
  • RTK, DGPS, Omnistar, and SBAS positioning modes
  • Proven GPS tracking via NovAtel’s OEMV® GPS receiver
  • Wheel sensor input for ground applications

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