TracNet H30

Ultra-compact hybrid connectivity solution for global high-speed communications
The TracNet™ H30 provides the fastest, most reliable connectivity with the KVH ONE™ hybrid network. The groundbreaking, ultra-compact TracNet H30 includes integrated satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology with intelligent, automatic network switching that will keep you connected to the best communication options at all times, in all sea states.

  • Rugged, commercial-grade system, diameter 37 cm (14.6 in), weight 11.2 kg (24.6 lbs)
  • Satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi capabilities in one integrated design
  • Automatically switches to the best connectivity option based on cost, data quality, and more
  • Data speeds as fast as 6/2 Mbps (down/up)
  • For boats 30+ feet (9+ meters)
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TracNet H30 antenna with Hub and Hub+
TracNet H30 hybrid antenna - satellite wi-fi and cellular connectivity
KVH Manager application - desktop and mobile view
offshore workboat with H30 hybrid antenna
sportfish underway with H30 hybrid antenna
TracNet Systems Awards - Best Elex and Safe4Sea

Technology & Service Details

Technical Highlights

  • Global satellite, cellular, and shore-based Wi-Fi in one integrated design
  • Automatic hybrid switching based on service cost, signal strength and data quality
  • Optional manual network switching
  • Supports use of user-supplied SIM cards
  • High-performance tracking using digital IMUs and a commercial-grade rotary joint
  • Precision 2-axis stabilized pedestal design plus stabilized skew
  • Single cable install
  • Mobile-responsive KVH Manager for analytics and data control
  • Exclusive IoT proactive monitoring that reports daily on 150+ performance and health parameters

TracNet Hubs

KVH’s streamlined belowdeck units are at the heart of every TracNet H-series terminal. These tools create confidence through all-in-one system control and network management.

TracNet Hub

DC-powered unit features a built-in Wi-Fi router, ethernet ports, user-supplied SIM access and a single VoIP line. Shelf- or bulkhead-mount.

TracNet Hub
TracNet Hub+

AC-powered controller features a built-in Wi-Fi router, ethernet ports, user-supplied SIM access, two VoIP lines, touchscreen GUI, and onboard storage for KVH Link content. Rack-mount.

TracNet Hub+

KVH ONE Hybrid Network

KVH ONE, together with TracNet, offers a seamless network experience delivered by the KVH ONE hybrid network.

  • Global HTS Ku-band satellite network, with 276 million sq km (106+ million sq miles) of coverage, powered by Intelsat
  • Cellular support in 150+ countries as far as 32+ km (20+ miles) offshore
  • Compatible with shore-based Wi-Fi networks

TracNet Global Satellite H30 Coverage

Global HTS Coverage*

TracNet Global LTE Cellular Coverage

Cellular Coverage*

*Actual coverage and availability may vary. Data rates may also vary in different regions. KVH provides no guarantees of coverage or availability.

View TracNet Coverage

Options & Upgrades

Optional features and upgrades will enhance your TracNet experience based on your specific needs:

  • Service and support for the life of your TracNet terminal in thousands of ports worldwide through KVH OneCare.
  • Thales VesseLINK 200 and 700 backup systems with pole-to-pole Iridium Certus coverage, least-cost routing, and two voice lines.
  • A Global Static IP address to secure your global Internet addresses and minimize unwanted network traffic, scans and attacks.
  • Virtual local numbers to avoid international or long-distance charges for people calling from shore.
  • Premium vessel tracking for detailed and up-to-date historical track and position data, from any Internet-connected device.

Thales VesseLINK 200 and 700 antennas


Product Literature/Supporting Documents

For more information about this product and how TracNet keeps you connected to the best connectivity option at all times, check out these supporting materials.

View Brochure, Specs & Rates:
Commercial Maritime | Leisure Marine

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Airtime Services

Flexible Airtime Plans

KVH offers affordable airtime options – choose the plan best suited to your unique needs and enjoy the convenience of flexible month-to-month subscriptions and more.

  • Looking for unlimited use with a fixed monthly price and no overage charges? Choose our high-speed shaped data plan.
  • Seeking a simple, flexible, usage-based plan with reliable global service? Opt for the high-speed metered plan for the highest speeds available at the lowest costs.

Accordion Group

A Solution For Every Market

Commercial Vessels & Fleets

You’re looking for a maritime communications solution that provides the business value and connectivity you need to succeed. Fleets worldwide choose KVH’s TracNet H30 for the fastest, most reliable connectivity at sea and in port. Your TracNet H30 hybrid terminal will automatically connect to the best connectivity option for each vessel: satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi. Commercial vessels benefit from:

  • AgilePlans ONE, the all-inclusive, no-commitment solution that offers subsidized shipping and installation*, zero maintenance costs, no CAPEX, and a single monthly subscription.
  • A choice of two high-speed channels, unlimited and metered use to meet your vessel and crew’s needs for data and speed.
  • Flexible suspension options sized to meet your vessel’s changing requirements.

*visit for details and terms regarding shipping and installation

Leisure Boats & Yachts

Don’t think about how you get connected… think about all you can do when you are connected! The TracNet H30 allows you, your family, and your guests to stream your favorite movie, enjoy crystal-clear voice calls with family, work remotely, and stay in touch on social media - even as you enjoy life on the water. Your hybrid TracNet H30 terminal will automatically connect to the best connectivity option: satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi. Owners and guests enjoy:

Military and Government Vessels & Fleets

For vessels working to ensure maritime safety and security, KVH’s TracNet H30 provides reliable, mission-critical connectivity – and automatically connects to the best option: satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi, regardless of location or weather. Vessels and crew benefit from:

  • Low latency and data speeds as fast as 6/2 Mbps (down/up), ideal for streaming video, biometric data, and encrypted protocols like CENTRIXS.
  • Greater resilience to weather with KVH’s global Ku-band satellite network, a key factor for military and rescue operations.
  • Streamlined belowdeck unit, a 1U system ideal for vessels with limited space, featuring a sealed water-resistant touchscreen GUI interface.

Land Vehicles

When you need rugged, on-the-go connectivity, choose the KVH TracNet H30, the ultimate in intelligent hybrid connectivity for the longest highways, the most remote locations, and the most challenging emergency situations. Connect confidently with integrated satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi communications options. Land vehicle customers can expect:

  • Reduced hardware purchase costs, installation costs, and service requirements through the H30’s innovative design.
  • Greater resilience to weather with KVH’s global Ku-band satellite network, a key factor for staying connected when communication counts.
  • Streamlined belowdeck unit, a 1U system ideal for vehicles with limited space, featuring a sealed touchscreen GUI interface resistant to water and soil.

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