TracVision HD11

Crystal-clear Satellite TV Reception with a Global Reach

Keep your crew entertained and reduce your operational challenges by bringing the KVH TracVision® HD11 onboard. The ultimate 1-meter satellite TV antenna solution, the TracVision HD11 features patented TriAD technology for simultaneous reception of DIRECTV® Ka- and Ku-band broadcasts for HDTV as well as a global LNB so crews can stay entertained via regional satellite TV services worldwide. Rugged enough to survive rough seas and bad weather, the TracVision HD11 includes:

  • Best global marine HDTV coverage and superior performance thanks to patented technology
  • Superior tracking thanks to its four-axis, stabilized design, tracking satellites from the horizon to directly overhead, even in rough seas
  • Universal World LNB for full compatibility with regional satellite TV services around the globe, all without any hardware swaps
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TracVision HD11
TracVision TV Hub
TracVision HD11
TracVision HD11 on commercial vessel


  • Greatest range of motion (-25° to +120°) of any maritime satellite TV system
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow seamless system control via web browser or the KVH TracVision app to switch satellites, download antenna software update, contact KVH, and more
  • Advanced satellite identification and fully integrated DVB-S2 compatibility
TracVision HD11 Satellite Television
  • Full support for unlimited onboard receivers and DVRs (PVRs)
  • Integrated GPS and NMEA 0183-compatibility for even faster satellite acquisition and satellite tracking along the equator
  • Integrated GSM Remote Support Module for diagnostics

Technology & Service Details

Exclusive Technology

Universal World LNB
KVH’s Universal World LNB makes the TracVision HD11 compatible with satellite TV services worldwide. Its digitally programmable LNB, the first of its kind in the maritime industry, reconfigures itself to track each of the more than 100 satellites contained in the integrated Worldwide TV satellite library.

Patented TriAD Technology
This revolutionary technology simultaneously receives broadcasts from three separate DIRECTV satellites so every TV onboard can be tuned to any channel on any device at any time. No locking up, rebooting, or lengthy satellite searches because the advanced TracVision is constantly receiving program data.

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Service and Support When You Need it Most
The TracVision HD11 includes an integrated GSM Remote Support Module so KVH technicians can perform remote diagnostics and service to help you stay connected to your favorite entertainment even when you’re not connected to the shore.

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