TracVision HD7

Innovative Tri-satellite Reception Delivers the Brilliance of HDTV at Sea

Aboard your yacht, you expect the same comforts and luxuries you enjoy on shore and that includes HDTV. The advanced 60 cm (24 inch) TracVision® HD7 premium satellite TV system employs a breakthrough antenna design that simultaneously tracks DIRECTV’s Ka- and Ku-band satellites. As a result, everyone can watch (or record) the premium programming they want, regardless of what satellite is broadcasting their channel of choice. Finally, it’s a satellite TV solution that suits the sleek style of your ship. Features include:

  • Watch three DIRECTV satellites at once thanks to KVH’s exclusive TriAD technology
  • Enjoy your HDTV programming of choice regardless of the sea conditions thanks to its rugged construction and enhanced tracking algorithms
  • Support for every TV onboard using the single-wire multiswitch design
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Satellite TV TracVision HD7 dome and transmitter
Satellite TV TracVision HD7 people on boat
Satellite TV TracVision HD7 yacht on water


  • Simultaneous tracking of DIRECTV’s primary Ka- and Ku-band satellites for uninterrupted HD and standard reception
  • Single-Wire Multiswitch for installation of up to 8 HD receivers or 4 HD DVRs1 with a single RF cable
  • Rack-mountable, IP-enabled ACU with Ethernet connection, built-in WiFi interface, and USB port
TracVision HD7 HD Leisure Recreational Satellite Systems
  • Exclusive TracVision iPhone App to check signal strength, switch to secondary satellites, download antenna software updates, and more
  • Enhanced tracking algorithms and stainless steel bearing construction for best performance
  • 24/7/365 support via our Superyacht Group Concierge service

1To add more receivers, a SWM expansion kit is available as an accessory.

Technology & Service Details

Exclusive Technology

Patented TriAD Technology
This revolutionary technology simultaneously receives broadcasts from three separate DIRECTV satellites so every TV on board can be tuned to any channel on any device at any time. No locking up, rebooting, or lengthy satellite searches because the advanced TracVision is constantly receiving program data.

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Concierge Service
Enjoy one point of contact for all your onboard communications and entertainment needs 24/7/365. Our dedicated concierge service is with you worldwide. Any day, any time, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

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