V/IP-series Airtime Plans

Affordable airtime options for the TracPhone V-series and IP-series antennas

With choices of open, metered, and fixed plans along with prioritized VoIP phone lines, you and your guests can stay connected wherever your travels take you with speeds as fast as 4 Mbps/1 Mbps (down/up) when using one of KVH’s award-winning TracPhone® V/IP-series systems.

V/VIP-series Airtime Plans

Airtime Plans


Plan Description Supported Products & Rate Sheets
Open Network speeds as fast as 4/1 Mbps with large monthly data allowances and unrestricted access to all applications and protocols

V7, V7-IP, V11, V11-IP

Metered Usage-based plans for lighter data needs with speeds as fast as 4/1 Mbps

V3, V3-IP, V7, V7-IP, V11, V11-IP

Fixed Speed-based plans perfect for traditional data transmission needs

V7, V7-IP, V11, V11-IP

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