Powerful Tools for Unparalleled Control

Subscribers to mini-VSAT Broadband airtime enjoy access to far more than the fastest, most advanced maritime VSAT available. The secure myKVH™ portal offers access to mini-VSAT Manager™, a powerful suite of tools for unparalleled control, customization, and visibility into your mini-VSAT Broadband SATCOM solution, your data, and your connections to the world.

Vessel & Vehicle Tracking Around the Globe

Whether you’re monitoring one yacht, a fleet of vessels, or vehicles in remote locations, mini-VSAT Broadband’s Tracking Service delivers the detailed and up-to-date historical track and position data you need at any time, and from any Internet-connected device. With Basic and Premium levels available, choose the one best suited to your needs.

mini-VSAT Manager - Vessel Tracker
mini-VSAT Manager - Data Reporting

In-depth Data Use Reports

To help you manage your data use and stick to your monthly plan, mini-VSAT Manager provides complete data usage and shows you:

  • Estimated data usage in the current billing cycle
  • Actual monthly allowance usage and overage
  • Data usage by application category as well as activity on a daily or monthly basis (TracPhone® HTS-series only)


Precision Control Over Your Data Use

Thanks to mini-VSAT Manager’s application category-level reporting, you have the option to activate Background Data Management, which restricts network storage (e.g., Apple iCloud® and Dropbox syncing) and bulk data transfer (e.g., software updates) activities to a very slow “trickle channel.” This helps minimize unintended data use by cloud-based services and ensures that your data is being used for the activities most important to you. (TracPhone HTS-series only)

mini-VSAT Manager Control over your data
mini-VSAT Manager - Data Allocation

Data Allocation

You can create profiles for everyone onboard, allocating them a certain amount of data per day, week, or month. Set up alerts to be notified when usage exceeds thresholds by simply adding your email and phone number. With data allocation, everyone onboard can enjoy blazing fast speeds without worrying about overage.


Convenient Data Alerts

Stay up to date on your onboard data use with automatic alerts to notify you when your vessel’s data usage reaches certain thresholds, ensuring you have complete visibility into your data use and avoid any surprises on your airtime bill.

mini-VSAT Manager - Data Alerts
mini-VSAT Manager - Network Configuration

Network Configuration

The Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) includes four Ethernet ports and a built-in wireless access point (WAP) that can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your vessel’s needs. Some of the most common configurations can be set up directly within mini-VSAT Manager. If your vessel requires a custom configuration, KVH’s Application Engineering Department can provide the solution.

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