Groundbreaking Photonic Chip Reinvents FOG Technology

  • Designed to provide spatial orientation data enabling geolocation at centimeter-level accuracy
  • Expected to reinvent FOG technology with flexible, modular design for easy integration
  • Delivers the critical precision navigational support that autonomous vehicles require
Photonic Chip

Inertial Sensors are Critical

GPS signals can be blocked by buildings, terrain, tunnels, parking garages, and signage, or intentionally jammed. Self-contained FOG-based inertial sensors deliver situational awareness even when GPS is unavailable or jammed.

MEMS Fall Short

MEMS’ utilization of vibrating sensor technology (Coriolis effect) to measure rotation has inherent shortcomings including noise, poor bias stability, low bandwidth, and susceptibility to environment conditions.

KVH Inertial Technology Provides Safe, Precise Autonomous Navigation

KVH inertial sensors are spoof-proof and jam-proof because they use integrated gyros and accelerometers, not external signals.

Photonics on a Chip: Consistent, Reliable, Cost-efficient

Enter photonic chip technology, an innovation from KVH that has the potential to overcome numerous technological obstacles to meet key autonomous vehicle use requirements. This new technology:

  • Incorporates complex elements onto a chip, maintaining or improving accuracy and performance, while simplifying production and removing hand work from the process
  • Provides consistent components and manufacturing to ensure consistent performance and reliability
  • Enables mass-production of precision inertial systems at lower cost

At KVH, we have developed this specialty photonics chip specifically to enable the high-volume, low-cost manufacture of FOGs that will provide high-end, tactical-grade performance at mass production, commercial-use pricing.

Photonic Chip Ebook

Photonic Chip Technology-based Inertial Systems

Disruptive Technology for Safe, Precise Autonomous Navigation

Fiber optic gyroscope (FOG)-based inertial navigation systems (INS) are key components of the inertial sensor systems essential for highly accurate autonomous vehicle performance. The accuracy and reliability of FOG-based inertial systems for autonomous vehicle navigation and safety has been well-established over millions of miles of testing in hundreds of prototype vehicles. However, the complex manufacturing process of these highly sophisticated systems has been a cost challenge for the mass production of these sensors for autonomous vehicles. Until now.

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“The 1725 IMU sensor performance has met all the performance requirements of May Mobility’s localization solution.”

- Dr. Steve Vozar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of May Mobility

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