Digital Magnetic Compass Designed for Naval Vessels

The MV103 is a digital magnetic compass designed for naval vessels. Authorized by the U.S. Navy as a replacement for magnetic card compasses on all of its ships, the MV103 is ideal for amphibious craft, small boats, and naval vessels. With a fully automatic electronic compass sensor that calibrates itself, requires no maintenance, and delivers accuracy to within ±1º, the system features:

  • Backlit LCD display for precise, easy-to-read heading information
  • Three separate components allow for flexible mounting options
  • Easy-to-read display, self-compensating sensor, and modular design
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MV103 Compass Commercial and Military
MV103 Compass Commercial and Military aircraft carrier
MV103 Compass Commercial and Military boat


  • Solid-state, maintenance-free, modular components for optimal mounting of controls, sensor, and display
  • Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy (±1º)
  • LCD display with adjustable backlighting for easy viewing in all conditions
  • Variable control of electronic damping for use in rough seas
  • Meets demanding military standards for years of reliable performance
  • Dual compensation for degaussing on and off

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