High-performance, Compact, Affordable FOGs with PIC Technology

KVH’s FOGs sense changes in orientation, then accurately and reliably provide this data to navigation and control systems in diverse unmanned and manned applications.

Versatile with Easy Integration

Available as housed and unhoused sensors in 1, 2, or 3-axis configurations, our FOGs offer numerous installation and performance options for demanding navigation systems.

“The KVH 1750 IMU has hands down the best performance of any IMU at its price point.”

- Ben Kinnaman, President & CEO of Greensea Systems, Inc.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) with PIC Inside

With KVH’s revolutionary photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology, our new P-series IMUs offer a range of performance and affordability plus enhanced repeatability and reliability suitable for any autonomous or manned application

Adjustable Baud & Data Rates

KVH’s new P-series IMUs with PIC technology and high-end accelerometers offer user-adjustable baud and data output rates allowing you to set the rates for your navigation system that work best for your application.

Rapid Prototyping

The easy integration of KVH inertial solutions into your navigation system is even easier with the KVH Developer’s Kit, which also enables rapid prototyping.

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“The use of the 1725 IMU has allowed us to get to market quickly and focus on developing other key areas of the system with value-add features for our end customers.”

- Dr. Steve Vozar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of May Mobility

Accurate Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Navigation in GNSS-denied environments is challenging for lower-value platforms and systems. Our compact and affordable INS offer precise navigation even when GNSS is unavailable.

More Data Delivered Faster

With INS capable of data rates 10x faster than other systems, KVH’s sensor fusion algorithms extract more data than typical Kalman filters, giving you vital information faster.

Continuous Navigation

KVH’s commercial INS perform in the most demanding environments and provide continuous navigation where GNSS is not an option, such as subsea or underground applications.

“Integration into our INS couldn’t be simpler or more precise. The mechanical integration was easy, too.”

- Dr. Jeff Fayman, VP of Planning & Product Development, Geodetics, Inc.

Other Applications

KVH’s versatile FOGs, new P-series IMUs, and our INS systems deliver the precision, performance, reliability, and high bandwidth data processing critical to a wide range of mobile platform applications.

pointing and stabilization applications
Pointing & Stabilization

KVH FOGs and IMUs with PIC technology improve pointing and stabilization performance by removing error-generating movement in line-of-sight devices and data-gathering systems.

positioning and georeferencing applications
Positioning & Georeferencing

The high data processing ability and accuracy of KVH FOGs, new P-series IMUs, and our INS systems make them ideal for precision pointing systems that need stabilized platforms.

The World’s Most Demanding Customers Choose KVH

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Precision Solutions to Keep You on Course

autonomous navigation

The DSP-1760 gyro offers ≤0.05°/hour bias instability – a vital spec for autonomous navigation

PIC assembly

Fiber optic gyros produced for standalone systems and fully integrated inertial solutions

KVH PIC Inside

KVH ships its first products incorporating photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology, revolutionizing the design and manufacture of fiber optic gyros

KVH ThinFiber

The diameter in microns of KVH ThinFiber, an integral component in KVH FOGs and inertial systems

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