A Revolution in Maritime Data Access and Analytic Resources

Cloud Connect empowers you to deploy and commercialize your maritime applications and digital services quickly and successfully and acquire the vital data you need via KVH’s cloud-native solution:

Monitor: Observe your equipment and assets at sea 24/7/365 and interact with that data via Cloud Connect

Act: Optimize performance and conduct tech support sessions based on your data with Remote Expert Intervention

Save: Reduce service costs and empower your business with transparency offered by real-time data

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Infographic showing the flow of data from ship to shore via KVH Watch

Unleash the Power of Data


Acquire Data Directly from Onboard Sensors

Take your IoT capabilities beyond the VDR. Using the ISO 19848 naming standard, Cloud Connect:

  • Supports hundreds of the most important shared channels, enabling fleetwide comparisons across ships
  • Simplifies data mapping
  • Accelerates digital service integration
  • Normalizes data throughout a fleet
The Cloud Connect Blueprint Library

Cloud Connect blueprints are comprehensive vertical packages containing data source definitions, data mappings, and associated dashboards that empower you to:

  • Deploy standardized services rapidly
  • Compare data between ships
  • Build alarms and dashboards reusable across ships
  • Share data among organizations

Man inspecting interior of ship


Aggregate Data Onboard and In the Cloud

Cloud Connect manages your sensor data at the edge for faster transmission, lower costs, and more accessible analysis. Using its onboard Cloud Connect Edge Server and hybrid cloud architecture, Cloud Connect aggregates and processes your data while it employs advanced features such as:

  • Kubernetes containers dedicated to each subscriber and running on both the Cloud Connect Edge Server and Watch Cloud
  • Cloud Connect Edge Server-hosted downsampler Lambda that controls the data volumes transmitted to Watch Cloud
  • Secure store-and-forward functionality to bridge any connectivity outages with minimal loss of data
  • 3-year data retention on the cloud, 1-year on the Cloud Connect Edge Server (customizable)
  • Secure transmission via next-generation, layered HTS network

Data in the cloud


Analyze Using Flexible, Dynamic Dashboards

Interact with your data to identify insights. Cloud Connect’s no-code dashboard environment empowers you with:

  • Cloud-based data reporting
  • Versatile data reporting tools
  • Dynamic visualizations

Plus, Cloud Connect includes a RESTful API for data access and support applications. Augment your vessel portal with access to high-frequency data or live video collaboration tools.

Digital Dashboard
Enabling the Digital Ship

A truly digital ship is impossible without real-time connectivity. KVH Watch, with its Cloud Connect and Remote Expert Intervention services:

  • Enables the digital ship with dedicated, 24/7 data flow, edge-to-cloud computing, and advanced analytics tools
  • Supports multiple stakeholders, including shipowners, IoT and digital service providers, and OEMs
  • Offers flexibility for shipowners and service providers
  • Permits live, on-demand remote service and support
  • Drives benefits in efficiency, performance, and cost through prioritized, dedicated IoT connectivity

Bram van den Boom

Bram van den Boom
Managing Partner, TechBinder

“Our Smart Vessel Optimizer’s plug-and-play architecture for data analytics can be easily integrated with KVH Watch connectivity and we expect our customers will greatly benefit from our partnership with KVH.”

view of fleet dashboard interface which shows vessel speed and location

Bram van den Boom
Managing Partner, TechBinder

“Today, customers increasingly want a real-time visual of their vessels’ key performance indicators, so they need satellite communications as vessels are not within LTE reach all the time.”

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