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Manufactured with pride in the U.S.A., KVH systems are deployed worldwide in the most demanding environments. Whether providing precision stabilization and pointing, accurate positioning, on-target navigation, or always-on SATCOM and live TV, our products deliver the vital data needed by warfighters & government agencies.

Tactical Navigation

The most widely deployed tactical navigation system in the world, TACNAV® offers accurate, reliable navigation for vehicles from main battle tanks to combat support vehicles.

Assured Navigation

Assured, resilient navigation demands navigation data that does not rely on an external source, such as satellites. TACNAV systems deliver accurate navigation at all times, even without GNSS.

Accurate Positioning

With integrated inertial sensors that don’t rely on compass heading, TACNAV solutions provide both horizontal & vertical positioning accuracy without GNSS.


1991– KVH combines sensor and autocalibration technologies to create the TACNAV® tactical navigation system, which is rapidly deployed for U.S. land military vehicles engaged in the first Gulf War.

Gyros & Inertial Systems

KVH high-performance FOGs and inertial systems are field-proven in critical applications such as weapon systems stabilization, and manned, unmanned, and autonomous inertial navigation.

Affordable & Reliable

Rugged and compact with outstanding resistance to shock and vibration, KVH gyros and inertial solutions deliver reliable, repeatable performance in the most demanding environments.

Versatile & Robust

Robust KVH inertial systems offer user-programmable data output rates to customize the performance according to the application’s need.


KVH’s TACNAV product line is currently in use by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, as well as many allied militaries, including Saudi Arabia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Egypt, Botswana, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, Switzerland, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, and Italy.

Military SATCOM & Satellite TV

Whether at sea or on land, KVH’s reliable broadband connectivity is key to mission success. KVH’s in-motion satellite TV systems provide a real-time view of crisis situations, breaking news, and entertainment for crew.

Maritime SATCOM
Maritime SATCOM & TV

KVH TracPhone® SATCOM systems provide global connectivity and unmatched speeds ideal for vessels as small as 30 ft. and for applications like biometrics and streaming video. KVH TracVision® systems deliver TV programming via regional satellite TV services worldwide.

SATCOM On-the-Move
SATCOM-on-the-Move & TV

Designed for mission-critical connectivity and precision tracking, KVH TracPhone and TracVision satellite systems provide fast, secure communications and live satellite TV reception to vehicles on the move.

Committed to Keeping Troops On Course & Connected


U.S. Coast Guard vessels equipped with KVH’s TracPhone VSAT systems and mini-VSAT Broadband service


TACNAV systems fielded by KVH with U.S. and allied forces around the globe


Allied militaries rely on TACNAV tactical navigation systems for accurate positioning and navigation

TACNAV 3D man in vehicle

TACNAV 3D keeps vehicles & soldiers on track with a heading of 0.05° RMS, 2-3 meter position with GNSS and ±0.20% position accuracy without GNSS

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