United States Coverage: DISH Network
North America US Land Mobile TV RVI
Product Antenna Size Minimum EIRP
  TracVision RV1*
32 cm (12.5") 51 dBW

*RV1 coverage for DISH Network is limited to "DISH 500” (satellites 110W and 119W), “DISH Eastern Arc – Legacy” (satellites 61W, 110W, 119W) and the "DISH Western Arc” (satellites 110W, 119W, and 129W). Note that 129W coverage is not available in the northeast US due to the low elevation angle to the satellite. RV1 is not compatible with the "DISH Eastern Arc” (satellites 61W, 72W, 77W) at this time.

DISH NETWORK: www.dishnetwork.com

The coverage maps for these satellites are provided as reference only and may change in the future or could be impacted by weather conditions. KVH provides no guarantees of satellite coverage, satellite availability, programming available on any specific satellite service, or compatibility of the TracVision® system with new satellites that may be launched in the future. Please note that all Minimum EIRP values are average approximate figures that may vary according to actual transponder frequency and location.
TracVision TV1 & RV1 - Recommended DISH Network Satellite Group by Location
TV1 RV1 DISH Network Satellite Coverage
Product Antenna Size Minimum EIRP
  Western Arc - Satellites: 110, 119, 129
  Legacy Eastern Arc - Satellites: 110, 119, 61.5
  Western/Legacy Eastern Arc Overlap - Satellites: 110, 119, 129

Local channel service is unavailable when you are not within the local service area associated with your billing address.

DISH NETWORK: www.dishnetwork.com

This map does not represent coverage areas for specific products, it is meant to provide information regarding the recommended satellite constellation to select for specific regions.


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