C100 Compass Engine

Innovative Stand-alone Heading Sensor

The KVH C100 Compass Engine is a complete stand-alone sensor that provides accurate heading data in any of six user-selectable digital or analog formats. Compact and affordable, the flexible C100 is designed to be easy to integrate into any system.

The C100 microprocessor-controlled fluxgate compass consists of a toroidal fluxgate sensor element and a small electronics board and results in extremely accurate heading data.

  • Helps identify optimal mounting location for best performance
  • Detachable sensor element for remote mounting
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C100 Compass Engine
C100 Compass Engine
C100 Compass Engine
C100 Compass Engine
C100 Compass Engine



  • Three unhoused variants, 1 housed version
  • Multiple digital & analog user-selectable outputs
  • Automatic compensation for hard & soft iron errors
C100 Compass Engine Application
  • Accurate in lattitudes up to 80° magnetic dip
  • Industrial grade, built to military quality standards

Technology Details

Featured Options

Operating tilt range options:

  • ±16° housed or unhoused variants
  • ±30°unhoused variant
  • ±45°unhoused variant

Six user-selectable digital or analog formats

  • Three unhoused variants
  • One housed variant

C100 Compass Engine

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