TracPhone V3-HTS

The Perfect Complement to Your Larger Onboard Communications

Ultra-compact, and packed with power, the TracPhone® V3-HTS is the ideal complement to your existing onboard communications whether you’re in need of a backup system or just want a secondary connection for dedicated use. The TracPhone V3-HTS delivers worldwide coverage on the most advanced maritime network available and provides:

  • Data speeds as fast as 6 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up) with expanded network management
  • High-performance 2-axis tracking and commercial-grade design
  • Global service throughout the mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network
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TracPhone V3-HTS
NMEA 2020 Award Winner V3HTS
TracPhone V3-HTS
TracPhone V3-HTS for Superyachts

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  • 37 cm (14 inch) marine VSAT system that outperforms leading 60-85 cm Ku-band competition
  • KVH’s exclusive Superyacht Group Concierge Service for 24/7 white glove support around the globe
  • Automatic fast switching ensures seamless and reliable communications wherever you travel
  • Global connectivity, crystal-clear voice calls, and seamless communications wherever your superyacht travels
  • Powerful Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) offering comprehensive system control and versatile management options
  • Vessel Tracking Service for near-real time visibility into your yacht’s location for up to a full year
  • Multi-level Cybersecurity Program to provide protection for your network connections and data
TracPhone V3HTS for Superyachts

Technology & Service Details

Exclusive Technology

Concierge Service
Enjoy one point of contact for all your onboard communications and entertainment needs 24/7/365. Our dedicated concierge service is with you worldwide. Any day, any time, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Ultra-compact Commercial-grade Antenna
The 37 cm commercial-grade TracPhone V3-HTS offers outstanding 2-axis, in-motion tracking in all sea states. TracPhone V3-HTS also ensures you’ll enjoy exceptional call quality, plus support for Wi-Fi Calling via compatible cell phones1.

Global Connections, Unmatched Speed
The mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network offers 276 million sq. km (106+ million sq. miles) of Ku-band coverage. Enjoy global connections and unmatched speed as fast as 6 Mpbs/2 Mbps (down/up)2 using advanced next-generation high-throughput satellites (HTS) from Intelsat and SKY Perfect JSAT. Plus, you get greater resilience to weather and rain fade than with Ka-band services.

Advanced Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)
The powerful Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) with its high-throughput modem, Voice over IP (VoIP) adapter, versatile network management software, and built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet is the streamlined all-in-one belowdecks unit that drives the TracPhone V3-HTS.

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Exclusive Multi-level Cybersecurity Program
The TracPhone V3-HTS offers the benefits of KVH's robust multi-level cybersecurity program, including satellite and terrestrial network security, automated threat management, and more.

Precision Management of Your Data
The secure myKVH™ portal and mini-VSAT Manager™ suite of tools equips you with customizable usage alerts, detailed usage reports, data allocation for users onboard, and built-in data shaping and pinpoint application category control to limit unintended data consumption. Learn more

Improved Performance through Proactive Monitoring
The TracPhone V3-HTS system’s integrated IoT functionality reports daily on 150+ performance and health parameters to help optimize your system’s performance for a premium connectivity experience.

KVH OneCare Global Support Program
KVH OneCare™ is a comprehensive array of service offerings that spans the lifecycle of your mini-VSAT Broadband solution, from design and selection of the best possible solution, to smooth installation, and post-deployment support in 4,000 ports worldwide to maximize long-term performance. Learn more

1Requires Wi-Fi Calling support via your cell phone service provider. 

2Data rates are rate plan maximums and may vary in different regions and under different conditions.

Airtime Plan Options

Metered Global Airtime
Choose a metered global plan and enjoy the fastest network speeds available at all times, monthly airtime packages sized to meet your unique needs, affordable per MB additional data, and service throughout the global mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network.

TracPhone V3-HTS

Unlimited Use Regional Airtime
Choose the monthly high-speed data package best for your needs. Use it all up before the end of the month? No problem! Your network automatically shifts to a reduced data rate shaped plan with NO overage charges so you can stay connected with unlimited email, texting, and more within our regional coverage areas. Upgrade to a larger high-speed data plan at any time.

Additional Options

Virtual “Local” Numbers

For an additional fee, you may assign up to 5 virtual phone numbers to the vessel’s phone line. These numbers can be set up with a different country code and area/city code, allowing people on shore within those regions to avoid international or long-distance charges when they call.

Premium KVH Vessel Tracking Service

Gain immediate access to up to a year of vessel and fleet track history along with latest position and weekly position reports. In-app purchase only $49 USD per month per vessel and available via the secure myKVH Portal's mini-VSAT Manager.

Optional Backup

SAILOR 4300 and Iridium Certus

The SAILOR 4300 for Iridium Certus service is the perfect companion for your TracPhone mini-VSAT Broadband system. This compact backup system offers data speeds as fast as 704/176 Kbps down/up, pole-to-pole global coverage, least-cost routing with the mini-VSAT Broadband system,1 and two voice lines. Plus out-of-band management for remote TracPhone VSAT antenna support anywhere on the globe.

SAILOR 4300 / Iridium Certus Datasheet  

1KVH Commbox service required; contact KVH Application Engineering for details

Sailor 4300 VSAT

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