TracVision TV10

The Premier, Lightest 1 meter Marine Satellite TV System with Expanded Global Ku-band HD Reception

Deliver breaking news, live sports and the best entertainment to your crew with a premium LIVE television experience, thanks to the powerful high-gain TracVision TV10. Featuring advanced stability tracking and extended coverage, the TracVision TV10 provides hundreds of crystal-clear HD and SD channels to commercial vessels worldwide. With the TracVision TV10, your crew will enjoy the most reliable satellite TV coverage from regional services throughout the world.

With industry-leading technology, the TracVision TV10 offers:

  • Full compatibility with Ku-band SD and HD regional satellite TV services
  • Advanced inertial-based stabilization search for fast satellite acquisition
  • High-performance tracking with advanced algorithms for crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas
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TracVision TV10 with TV Hub
TracVision App for Apple and Android
Commercial vessel with KVH TracVision onboard
oil rig and workboats equipped with TracVision


  • World’s lightest 1 meter ultra-high efficiency antenna
  • Innovative belowdeck TV-Hub (does not require a rack mount) for convenient system control on any mobile device or computer
  • Easy setup and system control with KVH’s exclusive TracVision app for iOS,® iPadOS,® and Android
TracVision TV8 Satellite Television
  • System configurations supporting unlimited receivers and delivering TV entertainment for everyone onboard
  • Some installations require only a single coaxial cable, plus the antenna mounting pattern matches competing 1 meter TV systems, ensuring upgrades and retrofits are easy1

1Some installation configurations require multiple cables.

Technology & Options

Exclusive Technology

Superior Reception with RingFire Technology
KVH’s proprietary RingFire technology is a breakthrough in antenna design that allows TracVision to provide wider geographic coverage and better reception than competing antennas, even in extreme weather.

Linear and Circular LNBs Included as Standard Equipment
KVH’s Linear Universal Quad LNB and stacked U.S. Circular LNB for Ku-band DISH (HD and SD) and DIRECTV (SD) are included as standard equipment offering full compatibility with most regional satellite TV services around the world.

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Easy Control via the TracVision TV-Hub
At the heart of the TracVision TV10 is the innovative TV-Hub, which integrates advanced technology into a single compact, lightweight, and easy to use unit that does not require rack mounting. The TV-Hub features a state-of-the-art interface designed for viewing on any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer.

KVH TracVision TV-series Configuration Wizard
The TV-series Wizard can help you choose the system configuration that best suits your satellite TV needs. Just answer a few brief questions to display the parts you will need along with a wiring diagram.
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Matching TracPhone Satellite Communications System

Bring the best onboard with a KVH TracPhone® satellite communications system in a matching dome to complement your TracVision TV10. Enjoy airtime service from KVH, the world’s No.1 maritime total connectivity partner – your single source for all your maritime entertainment and communications needs.

Enjoy Easy Autoswitching

KVH’s IP AutoSwitch for multiple receiver installations delivers simple auto-switching on Dish Pro and DiSEqC-compatible services so you can easily access the channels and programs you want to watch—even when they are not on the same satellite.

Additional Quick-Install Conversion Kits Available

Enjoy easy access to other regional services with the optional DIRECTV Latin America LNB and Sky Mexico stacked LNB conversion kits.

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