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KVH FOG-based inertial solutions provide superior flexibility and easy integration that enable customers to operate their systems at new levels of performance and productivity.

KVH Unmanned People Mover
Navigation & Control

By capturing highly accurate angular rate and acceleration data, KVH FOGs and FOG-based inertial systems are ideal for navigation and control applications in the air, on land, and at sea.

positioning and georeferencing applications
Positioning & Georeferencing

The high data processing abilities and proven accuracy of KVH FOGs and inertial systems make them ideal for precision positioning and imaging systems that require stabilized platforms.

pointing and stabilization applications
Pointing & Stabilization

KVH FOGs and IMUs dramatically improve pointing and stabilization performance by eliminating error-generating movement in line-of-sight devices and precision data-gathering systems.

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Photonic Chip Ebook

Photonic Chip Technology-based Inertial Systems

Disruptive Technology for Safe, Precise Autonomous Navigation

KVH’s new photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology reimagines FOG technology by replacing individual fiber components with an innovative integrated planar optic chip. This results in a FOG that’s even more reliable and delivers superior repeatability unit-to-unit, essential for the safe, accurate performance of autonomous platforms.

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“The KVH IMU in our vehicle gives us very detailed, accurate and low noise information about how we’re moving through the world.”

- Andrew Dykman, Senior Field Engineer, May Mobility

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