Crew Connections

Happy, well-trained, and hardworking crews are vital to maintaining efficient operations. That's why KVH offers the finest crew wellbeing and training services. Keep your seafarers engaged, in touch with home, and motivated through connections and content delivered easily and affordably by KVH wherever your vessels operate.

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Crew Communications

Connection with home is the number one welfare concern of seafarers and makes a huge difference to crew when choosing a company to work for. We have a range of options and flexible packages to enable affordable crew calls, email, and Internet access.

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Crew Calling

Contact with loved ones by phone
Physical and virtual crew-calling cards. Versatile packages providing prioritized VoIP service over separate or assigned lines and pre- or post-payment options.

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Crew Email

Contact with family by email
Flexible options delivering roaming personal email accounts for crew use onboard and ashore. Choose pre- and post-payment options with KVH’s CommBox Network Services.

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Crew Internet

Enjoy the web & social contacts
Offer crew connections to the Internet via KVH's global VSAT network's Unlimited Use data channel. Ideal for WhatsApp. High-speed channel with daily, weekly, and monthly data allocation.

Entertainment, News & Sports

Daily news updates, favorite movies, TV, music, and the thrill of sports. A relaxing individual diversion when crew are off watch and a source of conversation and crew interaction when gathering together, KVH Link offers news, sports, and entertainment that will contribute to seafarer wellbeing.
KVH Link Crew Wellbeing Brochure

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True downtime with movie nights, TV, and music radio
An entertaining and social experience for crew with early release and classic movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and independent studios - plus TV, music, trending social videos, and karaoke.

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Connection to events at home with international news coverage
News content in video, audio, and text, covering virtually every country of the world and in the most popular crew languages. News reviews, updates and special interest items (business, science, tech).

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Sports coverage and updates to bring your crew together
Your crew’s favorite sports, covered in video, audio and text. Get news, stories, and video highlights, along with sports talk and documentaries, plus play-by-play text and detailed sports stats on leagues and events.

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Breaking News Updates

Access to global breaking news and vital updates
KVH global coverage and content services enable us to deliver video updates to support the wellbeing of our customers and their seafarers, including information on catastrophic weather and public health events.

Mental Wellbeing

Seafarers face unique working conditions, which can put them under a lot of stress, with fewer opportunities for relief than they would be likely to find on land. At KVH, we offer several services and initiatives that provide support, techniques, and ideas for socializing onboard.

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Free VOIP calls to ISWAN’s crew multilingual helpline
Mariners on any vessel with KVH VSAT service can place free VoIP calls to ISWAN’s confidential 24-hour SeafarerHelp phone line - an important initiative to support mental wellbeing for seafarers.

crew members socializing

Build crew interaction onboard with movie nights and karaoke
The KVH Link set-top box enables entertainment content to be enjoyed on a TV screen in one of the communal areas so that crew can host movie nights from their own country or enjoy karaoke together.

crew member relaxing on deck

Provide your seafarers with useful tools to relax effectively
At KVH, we have several services that can assist in helping your seafarers really ‘get away from it all’ on their downtime, including meditation, mindful podcasts, and puzzles.

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