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Delivering the Tools to Meet Your Maritime IoT Needs

KVH Watch provides cybersecure, isolated IoT connections for 24/7/365 machine-to-cloud connectivity supporting remote monitoring of onboard equipment, data analytics and reporting, and high-speed data processing on the edge. You can also perform on-demand Interventions for remote service using video, voice, or text via KVH’s global HTS network. Fully compatible with your IoT platform of choice, KVH Watch seamlessly integrates with onboard data sensors/protocols. Plus, you enjoy the benefits of: 
  • Pay only for your subscription
  • Zero installation and maintenance costs
  • 24/7/365 global support

KVH Watch Solutions
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Do You Have the IoT Connectivity You Need?

KVH Watch is the all-inclusive, no commitment IoT Connectivity as a Service solution for equipment manufacturers, shipyards, service providers, and more.

KVH Watch Solutions

KVH Watch is a versatile tool with IoT-dedicated connectivity that is optimized for use at sea via satellite to meet your diverse IoT needs. Explore the wide range of applications for IoT connectivity that KVH Watch offers.

binary data tunnel

Basic 24/7 machine-to-machine connectivity
Flow provides access to 24/7/365 data connections with packages tailored to cover your total monthly requirements.

  • 24/7/365 machine-to-machine data delivery
  • Data delivery from your edge server to your cloud data storage and IoT applications over your VPN
  • On-demand Flow interventions to boost data capacity for bulk file transfers, application updates, and more

View of dynamic dashboards via KVH Cloud Connect
NEW Cloud Connect

Advanced edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytic tools
Cloud Connect is a revolution in maritime data access and analytic resources designed for large data volumes and high-speed data processing on the edge and in the cloud. Successfully deploy and commercialize maritime applications and digital services, get the vital data you need, and enable the true digital ship:

  • Acquire data directly from onboard sensors
  • Aggregate normalized, containerized data onboard and in the cloud
  • Analyze using flexible, dynamic dashboards

crew member holding a tablet utilizing KVH's Watch Remote Intervention feature
Remote Expert Intervention

Connecting experts on shore with crew onboard
Bring the power of action to your IoT and digital service data using Remote Expert Intervention. On-demand, high-throughput sessions enable real-time video collaboration between experts on shore and the crew onboard.

  • Remote session apps optimized for the satellite link, mobile devices, and desktop systems
  • Secure Wi-Fi access points for SOLAS-regulated spaces
  • Support for mobile devices and augmented reality wearables
  • Security through scheduled interventions, captain's approval, and multi-factor authentication

How KVH Watch Works

Watch Technology

Bridge the Gap from Shore to Ship

The KVH Watch Terminal supports all KVH Watch subscribers and, through them, the vessel owner. It includes:

  • 60 cm commercial-grade VSAT antenna
  • High-speed connectivity on KVH's worldwide maritime HTS VSAT network
  • 2U rack-mountable Antenna Control Unit (ACU)
  • 1U managed switch
  • Cloud Connect edge server (Cloud Connect subscriptions only)
  • IoT-isolated LAN
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi access points for the exclusive use of Remote Expert Interventions
  • Subscriber-specific Kubernetes® software containers for isolated and secure processing

Infographic showing the flow of data from ship to shore via KVH Watch

Worldwide Connectivity

To deliver on the promise of IoT at sea, real-time machine data must be accessible worldwide, while effective remote support requires fast, affordable connectivity. That’s why KVH’s layered, global HTS network and terminals are the perfect match for IoT and remote Interventions.

World Satellite Coverage Map


KVH Watch is designed to meet the cybersecurity needs of a modern, connected ship:

  • Isolates the IoT network from the vessel’s existing IT network by introducing the KVH Watch Terminal with Managed Switch, dedicated LAN, and dedicated Wi-Fi access points
  • Supports manufacturer VPNs
  • Multi-factor authentication for user identification

Proactive Connectivity

Each KVH Watch terminal reports on 150+ health and performance parameters in real-time, so your connectivity is proactively optimized. A proven solution, it is already deployed on thousands of VSAT systems.

man sitting at desk monitoring KVH's Watch Manager data screens

Watch Delivers Powerful Benefits

Deliver superior performance for your customers with no CAPEX, no maintenance costs, and a monthly subscription designed for your IoT data needs.

  • Rapidly resolve problems via remote troubleshooting
  • Reduce costly service visits
  • Improve reliability through predictive maintenance
  • Collect historical equipment data to resolve warranty disputes
  • Turn service costs into service revenue
  • Use performance data for product improvements

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"The unique combination of V-Node and KVH Watch will deliver an affordable and managed IoT infrastructure for shipowners and managers with the added benefit of real-time analytics and direct on-demand video interventions for troubleshooting, vetting, audits, and more."

Warren Haill, Managing Director, Kilo Marine
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"With KVH Watch connectivity, we will be able to extend our services and add remote monitoring, condition-based monitoring, and assistance for a repair even if there is an incident in the middle of the ocean. Many vessels are looking for this level of service but what has been missing in our opinion was the reliable backbone of connectivity to transfer data from the ship to shore."

Pravin Raghavan, Managing Director, Tile Marine
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