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Entertainment, News & Sports

An exciting, entertaining experience for crew through hundreds of daily news stories, current and classic movies, popular TV shows, music radio and karaoke, trending social videos, and sporting events and documentaries – including detailed sports statistics at the league and event level. All in an array of languages.

marine chart
Operations Content

The leading operational data for vessel efficiency. KVH partners with industry leaders in digital charting plus weather forecasting and voyage optimization. KVH Link delivers this vital, up-to-date data and custom corporate media content to you affordably, wherever your vessels operate.

How It's Delivered

unicasting vs. multicasting with IP-MobileCast
Delivered by IP-MobileCast

KVH Link is delivered by our unique IP-MobileCast (IPMC) multicast service to KVH VSAT antennas. Multicasting enables KVH to deliver large amounts of secure content to many ships at once, over unused bandwidth, without slowing down onboard Internet speeds or registering usage against your monthly data plan.

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Why does Western Shipping rely on KVH?

Hear from Capt. Belal Ahmed

Western Shipping, a global ship management company recognizes the positive impact of content to crew for morale and productivity and selected KVH Link as their crew wellbeing solution. Hear why.

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Learn more about KVH Link, the ultimate digital news & entertainment experience for crew and the leading operations data for vessel optimization.

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