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Clearer skies and optimized routes

Weather data is the foundation for advanced services such as route planning, optimization for fuel savings, port of arrival scheduling, parametric roll avoidance, ship performance analysis, and many operational KPIs. Yet often only a tiny fraction of available weather data is transmitted to ships due to high data costs. FORECASTlink solves this problem using IP-MobileCast advanced multicast technology to deliver weather and voyage data fast and affordably, in high-resolution, and on a global scale.

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In partnership with StormGeo, a leading provider of maritime meteorological services, FORECASTlink delivers a robust maritime forecasting solution that won’t slow Internet connection speeds or consume your monthly data plan.

Delivered by IP-MobileCast™

FORECASTlink delivers:

  • Market-leading weather data including wind, wave, visibility, temperature, precipitation, currents and tidal stream data
  • High-resolution, global coverage transmitted 4 times per day
  • Tightly integrated workflow with StormGeo Classic BVS and NaviPlanner BVS applications (requires BVS license from StormGeo)
  • Delivery via multicast technology over unused bandwidth (no harm to Internet connection speeds)

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