Enhance Your Connectivity at Sea with KVH's Premier, Commercial-grade Hybrid Communications solution -
the KVH/Starlink Companion Package

Enjoy seamless, intelligent integration of Starlink’s speed and affordability with KVH’s proven global HTS network, multi-channel hybrid connections, and outstanding performance. Take your communications beyond a simple data pipe with KVH’s advanced, integrated services for enhanced security, connectivity, and versatility.

Add Starlink’s speed, low latency, and affordable data to your new KVH TracNet or AgilePlans® ONE solution with:

  • Choice of KVH TracNet H-series terminal (H30, H60, or H90) with integrated VSAT, 5G/LTE, and Wi-Fi
  • KVH's exclusive intelligent hybrid channel switching
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime Starlink terminal
  • Flat panel high-performance maritime wedge mount
  • Starlink-to-TracNet Hub ethernet adapter
  • 25 m Power over Ethernet cable

Plus, you can easily add a Starlink flat, high performance terminal to existing KVH TracPhone® systems. 1

1KVH Companion configuration not currently available for TracPhone V30

Starlink plus KVH

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