Authorized Representatives Permissions

Authorized Representatives are granted the full right, power and authority to act on the Subscriber’s behalf with respect to the functions below.

  • Request and agree to terms of new, or changes in, subscription rate plans, packages, channels, and/or operations content
  • Request information regarding billing and usage details
  • Obtain password for KVH airtime e-bill portal
  • Act on billing and usage matters
  • Request service suspension
  • Request termination of contract
  • Provision account contacts with myKVH site access
  • Appoint myKVH Authorized Users, but not Authorized Representatives

Authorized Representatives are also granted the permissions of a myKVH Authorized User to access the myKVH site to:

  • View vessel location, speed and heading
  • View terminal status information
  • Perform certain terminal configurations
  • Create technical support cases
  • Set up data usage monitoring alerts
  • View data utilization details

Download the Account Administration Form