KVH’s Commitment to Maritime Cybersecurity

Helping fleets assess and deal with cybersecurity risks through integrated hardware and network controls

Cybersecurity is fundamental. That’s why we employ cybersecurity by design principles to the development of our hardware and global VSAT satellite networks. We offer a variety of features and services to aid vessel operators with their individual cybersecurity needs at onboarding and during regular operations.

Following the IMO’s adoption of Resolution MSC.428 (98), commonly known as IMO 2021, vessel operators now need to integrate cyber risk control into their Safety Management System by developing onboard procedures and mitigation measures. While each vessel operator remains responsible for ongoing compliance with IMO2021, KVH’s Cybersecurity Program supports those compliance efforts.

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KVH Cybersecurity

Strategic Multi-level Cybersecurity Program

KVH’s multi-layer strategy program reduces cyber risk through built-in hardware and network controls.

Security of Satellite Networks

KVH implements numerous infrastructure safeguards and different types of authentication and proprietary over-the-air interfaces.

Security of Terrestrial Network

The KVH terrestrial network is designed to provide traffic separation over the HTS network and to route global satellite traffic over private circuits to MegaPOPs, where Internet egress occurs.

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Enterprise-grade Upgrade

Further enhance your system and network security with optional enterprise-grade cybersecurity employing the KVH Managed Firewall Service with advanced firewall, SD-WAN functionality, intrusion detection/prevention, malware protection, anti-spam, and more.

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Integrated Terminal Security

KVH’s TracPhone V30 and TracNet terminals include advanced network-level firewalls, automated threat management, secure boot, encrypted drives, and more.

Security of Hardware & Network Configurations
Security Configurations

KVH offers local area network (LAN) segmentation configuration options via firewall, and the ability to enforce login requirements via the versatile myKVH™ portal.

Protected Internet Egress
Protected Internet Egress

KVH’s cybersecurity strategy focuses on protected Internet egress, including: application-level UTM firewalls in each KVH MegaPOP; application-level traffic shapers; multiple forms of threat blocking; and optional global static IP addresses with all inbound access blocked by default.

Cybersecurity Incident Response

KVH’s cybersecurity incident response team addresses threats to the KVH network and is available if a fleet suspects a cybersecurity attack, with the goal to help manage and minimize the risk as quickly as possible.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Team

IMO 2021 at a Glance

Resolution MSC.428(98) encourages administrations to ensure that cyber risks are appropriately addressed in existing safety management systems (as defined in the ISM Code) no later than the first annual verification of the company's Document of Compliance after 1 January 2021. This means:

  • Vessel operators must embed cybersecurity into the culture from crew to senior management
  • Shipping Companies need to develop and maintain a security management system as part of their safety management system
  • Companies/Vessels must define cyber roles and responsibilities

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