KVH’s 6-Level Cybersecurity Program

Delivering Proactive Cybersecurity Protection for KVH Hardware and Global VSAT Satellite Networks


KVH’s “6-Level Cybersecurity” Program is a cohesive group of initiatives designed to provide proactive cybersecurity protection for the KVH hardware and maritime VSAT satellite networks used by its global maritime customers.

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Strategic Levels

KVH’s advanced multi-layer strategy program reduces cyber risk through built-in hardware and network controls designed to proactively assess and mitigate risks granting fleets peace-of-mind and ensuring smooth operations.

Seafarer Training

Education is the foundation for effective cybersecurity. That’s why KVH delivers free cybersecurity training to all KVH VSAT customers worldwide in an effort to help reduce risk of incident and enhance response to incidents.

Security of Satellite Networks

KVH implements numerous infrastructure safeguards and different types of authentication and proprietary over-the-air interfaces.

Security of Terrestrial Network

The KVH terrestrial network is designed to provide traffic separation over the HTS network and to route global satellite traffic over private circuits to MegaPOPs, where Internet egress occurs.

Security of Hardware & Network Configurations
Security Configurations

KVH offers local area network (LAN) segmentation configuration options via firewall, and the ability to enforce login requirements via the versatile myKVH™ portal.

Protected Internet Egress
Protected Internet Egress

KVH’s cybersecurity strategy focuses on protected Internet egress, including: application-level Universal Threat Management (UTM) firewalls in each KVH MegaPOP; application-level traffic shapers; multiple forms of threat blocking; and optional global static IP addresses with all inbound access blocked by default.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Team
Cybersecurity Incident Response

KVH’s cybersecurity incident response team proactively addresses threats to the KVH network and is available if a fleet suspects a cybersecurity attack, with the goal to help manage and minimize the risk as quickly as possible.

Improving Cybersecurity through Seafarer Education

The Videotel training program, “Cybersecurity at Sea,” was created with maritime experts and follows IMO regulations and BIMCO guidelines. Delivered to KVH commercial and leisure VSAT customers at no cost, the award-winning video covers such critical topics as:

  • Assessing and reducing the risks of a cyber incident, and
  • Responding to a cyber incident

“KVH’s approach to the extremely important issue of cybersecurity is to address the complexity in numerous ways, from training seafarers with the Videotel ‘Cybersecurity at Sea’ program to the many network safeguards we have in place.”

- Martin Kits van Heyningen, KVH’s chief executive officer

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