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Choose the NEWSlink Format that is Best for Your Vessel

  • Vessels equipped with KVH VSAT service can receive NEWSlink at sea, via IP-MobileCast, without affecting the communications system's performance or monthly data usage
  • Our traditional printed NEWSlink service offers an extensive choice of daily newspapers for vessels with low bandwidth. Papers are sent directly to your ships via email for easy onboard printing in standard A4 format to distribute amongst your crew

Experience the Many Benefits of NEWSlink

  • A simple, effective daily crew welfare service, proven to help lift crew morale by delivering news from home and around the world
  • Supports seafarer manpower strategies and crew retention; helps to fulfill MLC-2006 compliance and make you an employer of choice
  • Valued by seafarers for more than 30 years
  • Printed news in 65+ national seafarer news editions in 20+ languages, plus monthly special interest papers

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