Enhance Operations & Efficiency with KVH Link Content

Your “office” is in motion, a vessel stocked with inventory worth millions that needs to reach its destination on schedule and in compliance with regulations. KVH Link offers services designed to deliver vital operations data to your fleet and your custom corporate content to crews so they can operate safely and efficiently.

Digital lock representing cybersecurity
Cybersecurity to Protect Networks and Data

As IMO 2021 cybersecurity regulations come into force to address cyber risks in the industry and shipping companies turn to digitalization to revolutionize their operational efficiency, there is more of a focus on cyber risk control than ever before. KVH’s Multi-level Cybersecurity Program delivers protection for KVH hardware and global VSAT satellite networks and incorporates crew training and incident response best practices.

Communicate with Your Crew with YOURlink

Sometimes you have a message that simply can’t wait for thumb drives to be delivered to your ships. YOURlink™ enables your business to share proprietary media files with every vessel in your fleet. Reach your crews quickly, easily, and affordably while enabling everyone onboard to watch via the TV in common areas, or on their own tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

Electronic Charting & More with CHARTlink

Electronic charting has gone from being an innovation to being the law. Thanks to secure, weekly delivery of up-to-date charts from C-MAP, a CHARTlink™ subscription enables you to easily satisfy mandatory ENC chart updating requirements without using your monthly data plan or slowing down onboard data speeds. Plus, you get the convenience that comes with Pay As You Sail licensing.

Crucial Weather Data Delivered via FORECASTlink

Weather data is the foundation for services such as route planning, route optimization for fuel savings, vessel and seafarer safety, and more. KVH FORECASTlink™ delivers that critical information with high-resolution, global-scale forecasts from StormGeo, transmitted up to four times per day for safety, efficiency, and operational cost control.

How It's Delivered

unicasting vs. multicasting with IP-MobileCast
Delivered by IP-MobileCast

KVH Link is delivered by our unique IP-MobileCast (IPMC) multicast service to KVH VSAT antennas. Multicasting enables KVH to deliver large amounts of secure content to many ships at once, over unused bandwidth, without slowing down onboard Internet speeds or registering usage against your monthly data plan.

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“Regardless of location, whether the vessel is in rough seas, offshore, or in terminal port, the IP-MobileCast service works effectively. IP-MobileCast is an excellent technology that can benefit both the operation and the crew.”

- Marlon Panis, Smit Lamnalco

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