IP-MobileCast Technology

Fast, affordable entertainment and operations content delivery to ships at sea

IP-MobileCast is KVH's patented content delivery service that uses multicast technology to deliver our KVH Link content efficiently so you can provide news, sports, and entertainment for crew and access leading operations data affordably with no impact on your monthly data allowance.

The Power of Multicast Technology

There’s a world of important data out there – a lot that you need and a lot that you want. IP-MobileCast delivers large files to ships affordably, by using groundbreaking mobile broadband technology.

The central insight behind IP-MobileCast is that it’s far more efficient to send a file once to everyone than again and again to every recipient. Network engineers call this strategy multicasting. For 1,000 users, it’s literally 1,000 times more efficient than the standard Internet unicast protocol.

IP-MobileCast employs an "over-to-top" delivery mechanism using idle network bandwidth and a separate data stream. As a result, KVH can deliver as much as 500 GB of news, sports, entertainment, and operations content per month to each vessel without using the ship's data plan or affecting onboard speeds.

Content is cached on KVH's TracPhone Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) or TracNet Hub+ where it is accessible to crew via TVs in the common areas as well as via personal devices for latency-free access for ships with up to 50 crew.

Operations & Entertainment Content


Captain on the Bridge

IP-MobileCast for operations delivers the most extensive, industry-leading electronic charts, weather, and routing needed to optimize your voyage and ensure compliance.

Stunning HDTV via the TracVision HD-series

KVH’s entertainment solutions, delivered through IP-MobileCast, offer premium content to your common area TVs or to your crew’s personal devices. Stand out from your competition for enhanced crew recruitment and retention and better crew morale by offering unmatched entertainment at sea.

Secure Content

Using IP-MobileCast helps to reduce cyber threats by securely delivering encrypted content to the vessel, allowing you to prohibit the use of personal USB drives onboard, while delighting your crew with fresh and diverse entertainment content.

Crew Viewing on Any Device

Crew member on tablet

While IP-MobileCast content can be enjoyed on common area TV's by your off-duty crew and promotes camaraderie, the convenient free apps for Android and iOS, and the IP-MobileCast website allow your crew to view all content on their own smartphone, tablet, or notebook as well.

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