“Family and friends on Jimbo check email and talk on the phone – and no one even thinks about how they’re connecting. It just works. I rely on TracNet for security monitoring when I can’t be in the marina with my boat. The cameras and security system integrate right into the TracNet solution and I always know I’ll have reliable, consistent connectivity for ongoing monitoring.”

Gus Stergis, Owner, Jimbo,  Sunseeker Predator

“When I’m out on the water I don’t want to think about connectivity. With TracNet, I don’t have to think about it, because it does the thinking for you. Marina Wi-Fi was never consistent. With TracNet’s integrated Wi-Fi bridge I can connect to Wi-Fi much more reliably, and know that the system will automatically switch to cellular or satellite if those are my best options.”

Gus Stergis, Owner, Jimbo,  Sunseeker Predator

“TracNet is the piece of equipment that is most important because it is needed 24hrs a day. One would think Radar or Navigation equipment is critical – and it is during travel – but KVH TracNet works the longer hours - and nonstop. Initial set up was easy and the ability to switch between available services manually or just let TracNet decide takes away any stress and time.”

Gus Stergis, Owner, Jimbo,  Sunseeker Predator


“We were in Glacier Bay Alaska and shut down entirely overnight at anchor, running bare bones. The owner was able to use his iPad to stream a movie in the dead of night in one of the most remote locations. I would hands down rely on nothing else but KVH. The VSAT has saved us numerous times.”

Brian Robbins
Captain, M/Y Papa's Place

“The reason KVH is our primary system is it’s always on. It’s as though the boat 1,000 miles offshore is on a good quality Wi-Fi connection.”

James Hamilton
Owner, M/V Dirona, Nordhavn 52

“We used the TracPhone V3-HTS while cruising to Martha's Vineyard, where the cell service was really bad. The satcom was great, with really fast data speeds.”

Andy Green, Owner/Captain, Summerland

“Cruising the coast of Maine this summer, we loved the TracPhone V30, especially the new airtime plans and data usage controls. KVH products are bulletproof.”

Mark Lenci, Owner/Captain, Friendship 4

Satellite TV

“We’ve gone almost 20,000 miles since the new build, and we’ve had our KVH HD11 on top the entire time. We chose it because of its reliability and its functions. If we need something, my engineer will call in and the guys are fantastic over the phone. The support has been phenomenal for us, we’ve loved it so far.”

Jake Roush, Captain, M/Y Aurora

“KVH TracVision UHD7 is the latest and greatest in stabilized satellite TV tracking. It's so easy to install and so reliable. It’s a leap ahead in technology…the way to go.”

William A. Hart
Owner/ Operator of Marine Electronics Services, Jupiter, FL

KVH Elite

“The KVH Elite service allowed everyone on board the freedom of accessing unlimited high-speed internet. The speed and reliability were comparable to being hardwired. I highly recommend the service and will consider using again for cruises that require dedicated bandwidth.”

John Chabala, Captain, M/Y Warbird

“We regularly subscribe to the KVH Elite weekly plan. Everyone onboard loves the faster data speeds for unlimited streaming and the stellar customer service!”

Dave Ober
Captain, M/Y Next Chapter

KVH dual domes on M/Y Next Chapter

“As the most highly customized Westport 112 model ever built, Black Swan deserves the very best. KVH Elite offers the owners and their guests seamless access to all the communication amenities they are accustomed to. They can stream movies on Netflix, upload pictures to Instagram, and take meetings on Zoom. KVH Elite's fast and dedicated connectivity is first class!”

Mike Walker, Captain M/Y Black Swan

“KVH Elite has truly been an incredible amenity for the owners, guests and crew of M/Y Hom. With as many as 10 guests on board plus 13 crew connected at any given time, access to unlimited data is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. KVH Elite is truly unlimited, no overages and offered at a fixed price, so we're able to allow everyone to connect seamlessly and without worry of a large bill.”

Shane Mace, Captain M/Y Hom
4m/143ft Benetti charter yacht

“Guests can stream movies on Netflix in the sky lounge, upload vacation pictures and videos to Facebook and Instagram or video call with family and friends back at home. My crew and I also rely on KVH Elite so we can access the Internet to look up information on our destination or check weather, which is a great help to keeping the charter running safely and smoothly. KVH Elite’s fast, reliable and dedicated connectivity is top notch!”

Shane Mace, Captain M/Y Hom
4m/143ft Benetti charter yacht

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