KVH's Exclusive Master Receiver Selector – Get the Ultimate in HDTV Convenience on the Water or on the Road with KVH’s Master Receiver Selector

KVH’s Master Receiver Selector is an exclusive, enhanced multiswitch for TracVision systems equipped with circular LNBs. It offers support for installations with multiple receivers and TVs, along with the convenience of choosing which receiver will be the “master” capable of switching satellites.

For North American Users
The Master Receiver Selector offers full support for DISH Network’s TurboHD programming broadcast by the 129°W satellite, making it a “must-have” accessory if you plan to enjoy DISH Network’s TurboHD programming in the western half of the United States. To purchase this convenient option and arrange for installation, please contact your local KVH dealer.

TracVision Master Receiver Selector 72-0412 $595