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mini-VSAT Broadband Customer Support Center

Customer Account Center

KVH eBill
- Make payments, review system usage details, review Invoices (?When you visit KVH e-Bill, click on "New User? Click Here" and you will be prompted to enter the Account Number and Phone Number provided in your service confirmation letter from KVH. You will then be prompted to set up a password and security question.) GO ❯
Enhanced VoIP Service Account Center
- Setup voice mail, setup call forwarding, review call history (?When you visit the mini-VSAT Broadband Account Center, enter the User Name and Password provided in your service confirmation letter from KVH.) GO ❯
Add-on Services for Existing mini-VSAT Broadband Accounts
- IP-MobileCast Content Delivery Service for Commercial Maritime GO ❯
- IP-MobileCast Content Delivery Service for Superyachts GO ❯
- CommBox Network Manager GO ❯
- KVH OneCare GO ❯
- GlobalCare Premium Support Program - DISCONTINUED; for existing customers only GO ❯
- Iridium Pilot Backup System/Service GO ❯
- Upgrade a TracPhone V7-IP to a V7-HTS GO ❯

Customer Support Library

All KVH forms are PDFs with fillable fields that you can type into (help using electronic forms). Forms may also be printed and faxed if that is preferred.

Note: Chrome’s native PDF reader does not support signed PDF forms. Please use another browser to download and fill out these forms.

Click here to get the free Acrobat Mobile app to fill out the forms on you phone or tabletFill the forms out on your mobile device: Click here to get the free app!

TracPhone V7-HTS Leisure Airtime Rate Sheet PDF: 485 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V7-HTS Commercial Maritime Fleet Rate Sheet Contact KVH Sales
TracPhone V3-IP/V3 Airtime Rate Sheet  PDF: 239 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot System Bundle Airtime Rate Sheet PDF: 155 KB / 1 pg
TracPhone V7-IP/V7 Airtime Rate Sheet 
PDF: 235 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V11-IP/V11 Airtime Rate Sheet  PDF: 204 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V7-IP/V11-IP - Superyacht Prepaid Rate Plans  PDF: 318 KB / 1 pg
TracPhone V-IP series - Flex Airtime Rate Plans  PDF: 240 KB / 2 pg
AgilePlans for Fleets GO ❯
Controlling mini-VSAT Broadband Traffic to Minimize Costs PDF: 223 KB / 1 pg
mini-VSAT Broadband Crew Calling Dialing Instructions, Zone Listings and Rates PDF: 634 KB / 13 pg
mini-VSAT Broadband Available Area/City Codes List - Enhanced Voice Service PDF: 120 KB / 5 pg
mini-VSAT Broadband Hardware/Software Bundle Price Sheet PDF: 94 KB / 1 pg
KVH TracPhone V11/V11-IP & V7/V7-IP/V7-HTS – Enhanced Voice Service Long Distance Rate Sheet
PDF: 769 KB / 6 pg
Understanding SATCOM Costs, Metered Plans PDF: 138 KB / 1 pg
mini-VSAT Broadband TracPhone V/V-IP-series Airtime Activation Service Order & Master Services Agreement PDF: 850 KB / 20 pg
TracPhone V7-HTS Commercial Fleet Airtime Activation Service Order & Master Services Agreement
PDF: 1.1 MB / 16 pg
TracPhone V7-HTS Leisure Airtime Activation Service Order & Master Services Agreement
PDF: 967 KB / 16 pg
For customers who already have an activated mini-VSAT system and wish to add IP-MobileCast:
IP-MobileCast Activation Service Order
PDF: 995 KB / 5 pg
Airtime Rate Plan Change/Suspension Policies & Form PDF: 180 KB / 2 pg
KVH Master Services Agreement PDF: 185 KB / 7 pg
Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions PDF: 93 KB / 2 pg
Account Administration Form
PDF: 100 KB / 1 pg
CommBox Forms CommBox Services web page
KVH OneCare Global Support Program OneCare web page
KVH OneCare Extended Warranty Service Order
PDF: 247 KB / 2 pg
GlobalCare Premium Support Program GlobalCare web page
Iridium Airtime Activation Service Order PDF: 739 KB / 8 pg
Request a Static IP Address Static IP web page
Complete the appropriate form and submit it to KVH Industries at the addresses below. This form is REQUIRED.
TracPhone V7-HTS Installation Checklist  PDF: 123 KB / 3 pg
TracPhone V11-IP Installation Checklist
PDF: 213 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V11 Installation Checklist PDF: 100 KB / 1 pg
TracPhone V7-IP (ICM) Installation Checklist PDF: 930 KB / 2 pg
TracPhone V7-IP Installation Checklist PDF: 111KB / 1 pg
TracPhone V3-IP Installation Checklist PDF: 732 KB / 1 pg
TracPhone V3 Installation Checklist PDF: 564 KB / 1 pg

KVH Satellite Airtime & Product Activation Departments Questions?
Submit completed forms to the appropriate office below, or contact one of our Satellite Airtime and Product Activation Departments with any questions.

KVH Airtime Services Worldwide
E-mail: Fax: +1 401 851 3823

Hours of Operation:
Europe, Middle East & Africa
00:00 Mon. – 23:00 Fri. (CET)

Tel: +45 45 160 197
North & South America
18:00 Sun. – 17:00 Fri. (ET)

Tel: +1 401.851.3862
07:00 Mon. – 06:00 Sat. (SGT)

Tel: +65 31584084
U.S. & Canada
18:00 Sun. – 17:00 Fri. (ET)

Tel: +1 866.399.8509

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