Ensuring Accuracy & Stability by Eliminating Motion

The accuracy of pointing and stabilization systems is essential to radar and lidar, recording and data-gathering systems, antennas, and optical systems. KVH’s fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and inertial solutions with our exclusive PIC technology dramatically improve performance by reliability eliminating error-generating movement in line-of-sight devices or precision data-gathering systems.

High-performance, Compact & Affordable FOGs with PIC Technology

Designed to meet both specifications and end users’ expectations, KVH’s innovative gyros deliver the precision required for every budget.

Resist Shock & Vibration

KVH FOGs resist vibration and shock by design, making them ideal for HD cameras and data-gathering systems that rely on stabilized platforms to remain rock-steady.

Application Agnostic

On land, at sea, or in the air, KVH FOGs deliver reliable performance for a range of applications with housed and unhoused sensors available in 1, 2, or 3-axis configurations.

KVH gyros and sensor systems are included in many of the most advanced autonomous driving programs in the world.

Precise Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

KVH’s new high-performance P-series IMUs with exclusive PIC technology combine precision photonic FOGs with high-end accelerometers to deliver accurate point and stabilization data, even when GNSS is unavailable.

FOG Performance at MEMS Prices

KVH inertial units offer a range of performance and affordability so designers can choose the right IMU for their system and their budget.

Easy to Install & Integrate

Our IMUs provide easy-to-integrate features including a Developer’s Kit that enables rapid prototyping to get your system up and running fast.

“Based on [Geodetics’] desire to address the needs of the commercial marketplace without export restrictions and without sacrificing performance, we chose the KVH family of IMUs.”

- Dr. Jeff Fayman, VP of Planning & Product Development, Geodetics, Inc.

Other Applications

KVH’s versatile FOGs and inertial systems deliver the precision, performance, durability, and high bandwidth data processing critical to a wide range of applications on mobile platforms.

positioning and georeferencing applications
Positioning & Georeferencing

The high data processing abilities and proven accuracy of KVH FOGs and inertial systems make them ideal for precision positioning and imaging systems that require stabilized platforms.

KVH Unmanned People Mover
Navigation & Control

By capturing highly accurate angular rate and acceleration data, KVH FOGs and FOG-based inertial systems are ideal for navigation and control applications in the air, on land, and at sea.

The World’s Most Demanding Customers Choose KVH

FOG Inertial Navigation company logos

Precision Keeping You on Target

P-1775 IMU

The P-1775 IMU ensures accuracy after integration with angle random walk of ≤0.012°/√hour

KVH ThinFiber

The diameter in microns of KVH ThinFiber, an integral component in KVH FOGs and inertial systems

KVH PIC Inside

KVH ships its first products incorporating photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology, revolutionizing the design and manufacture of fiber optic gyros

PIC assembly

Fiber optic gyros produced for standalone systems and fully integrated inertial solutions

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