Enabling Precision Positioning for Your Mobile Platforms

Precision positioning and imaging systems rely on gyro-stabilized platforms to eliminate unwanted movement. Engineers choose KVH’s fiber optic gyros (FOGs), P-series IMUs, and INS systems because they deliver high data processing capability, reliability, and accuracy.

High-performance, Compact, Affordable FOGs with PIC Technology

KVH gyros offer performance and reliability in a solid-state solution that’s very low noise with high bandwidth to meet data processing needs.

Flexible, Multi-axis Design

Available in multiple variants including housed and unhoused, as well as 1, 2, or 3-axes of gyros, KVH FOGs deliver the high performance you need in demanding environments.

Affordable & Reliable

KVH FOGs excel at making dependable high performance affordable, so they’re ideal replacements for solutions that either don’t deliver the performance, or don’t fit the budget.

“Integration into our INS couldn’t be simpler or more precise. The mechanical integration was easy, too.”

- Ben Kinnaman, President & CEO of Greensea Systems, Inc.

Precise Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

KVH’s new P-series IMUs combine three high-performance KVH photonic FOGs with high-end accelerometers. These precise, compact systems deliver accurate navigation with and without GNSS.

Best Shock Performance

KVH P-series IMUs with high-performance accelerometers have exceptional resistance to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. That’s why KVH IMUs run strong in the harshest environments.

High Input Rate & Baud Rate

Our new P-series IMUs offer user-adjustable baud rates and programmable data output rates, enabling you to adjust the performance according to your system’s needs.

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“The 1725 IMU has allowed us to have very good dead reckoning, decreasing the heavy lifting in computing required by the rest of the localization system.”

- Dr. Steve Vozar, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of May Mobility

Accurate Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

KVH INS solutions offer high accuracy plus an embedded GNSS. When GNSS isn’t available, these navigation systems access inertial data for accurate navigation until GNSS returns.

Exacting Navigation

KVH INS are perfect for autonomous, unmanned, and manned platforms that require fast update rates with high bandwidth to close the loop quickly for precise navigation and control.

The Smarter INS Solution

The advanced sensor fusion algorithms of KVH INS result in data rates up to 10x faster than competing systems.

“We are pleased to feature KVH technology in our Tactical Series and give our customers the option of utilizing a FOG-based IMU for higher precision performance to support a wide range of demanding applications."

- Jakub Maslikowski, Director of Sales and Marketing, VectorNav

Other Applications

KVH’s versatile FOGs, new P-series IMUs, and our INS systems deliver the precision, performance, reliability, and high bandwidth data processing critical to a wide range of mobile platform applications.

pointing and stabilization applications
Pointing & Stabilization

KVH FOGs and IMUs with PIC technology improve pointing and stabilization performance by removing error-generating movement in line-of-sight devices and data-gathering systems.

KVH Unmanned People Mover
Navigation & Control

KVH FOGs, new P-series IMUs, and our INS systems are ideal for aerial, ground, and marine navigation and control applications.

The World’s Most Demanding Customers Choose KVH

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Delivering the Precision to Know Where You Are in the World

KVH's GEO-FOG 3D a fully integrated INS

The heading accuracy offered by GEO-FOG™ 3D, a fully integrated INS

KVH P-1775 IMU

KVH’s U.S. patent # for “Photonic integrated circuit for an interference fiber optic gyroscope (IFOG),” which is revolutionizing the design and manufacture of FOGs

PIC assembly

Fiber optic gyros produced for standalone systems and fully integrated inertial solutions

KVH ThinFiber

The diameter in microns of KVH ThinFiber, an integral component in KVH FOGs and inertial systems

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