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Award-winning Communications Solutions

Your superyacht deserves a communications solution created with the same focus on outstanding quality and success that you bring to your life and business. That’s why our TracPhone® systems offer the speed, reliability, next-generation designs, and security expected aboard the finest vessels.

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Streaming Fast Connectivity, Affordable Airtime

mini-VSAT Broadband

Enjoy the fastest, most reliable VSAT service available wherever you cruise via the No.1 global marine VSAT network.


Take advantage of the speed, convenience, and affordability of LTE-A cellular connections farther offshore than ever before.

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Other Services

In addition to our award-winning VSAT and LTE products, KVH offers other products for communications on boats, whether as backup or primary systems.

Content to Improve Superyacht Operations

Discover how KVH can easily and affordably deliver the critical weather and forecast operations content your yacht’s officers need to ensure a safe, smooth, and enjoyable cruise wherever you are on the globe.

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