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KVH offers Global Static IP addresses for use with KVH VSAT systems as well as Iridium Terminals.

VSAT Systems

On KVH and Subscriber Supplied VSAT systems, a Global Static IP address can be assigned to a computer system or router onboard your vessel (Device Level), allowing parties on shore to access that computer or router directly from the Internet over the space link. You also have the option to assign a Global Static IP address to a vessel LAN, such that all LAN traffic is translated to egress to the Internet from the Global Static IP address (LAN Level). Note that Global Static IP addressing is a satellite service only, and will not work over alternate carriers, such as those available in H-series, or 3rd party WAN connections.


On Iridium systems, all traffic from the Iridium terminal is translated to the Global Static IP address. Optionally, port forwards can be configured in the Iridium terminal to reach vessel computers/routers from the Internet. You will also need to configure inbound access rules as outlined below.

Costs & Security

Global Static IP Address Costs

Product Cost (USD) Setup Fee (USD)
All TracNet and TracPhone Products and Iridium OpenPort or Certus Backups

Global Static IP Address Security

The KVH network secures each customer's global static IP address by blocking any undefined inbound applications, ports, or source addresses. This block allows the KVH network to provide our customers with the best and most supportable network access and removes the security threat and excessive traffic use seen on the public Internet today resulting from unwanted network traffic, scans and attacks.

The KVH network can allow inbound applications or ports, (i.e., Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH, http/https, IPsec and many more) into your global static IP address from specific source public Internet addresses that you provide.

Note that all applications from the vessel to the Internet will operate normally according to the terms of your service plan.

Important Deployment Procedure

In order to complete the setup process for your KVH VSAT system, we will need access to your system's modem via the satellite link. Please confirm each of the following items before you complete this form:

  1. Your TracNet or TracPhone system is turned on and stays on for 24 hours (if this poses a problem, please contact KVH Network Operations at for deployment time)
  2. Your system is activated for KVH VSAT airtime service
  3. Your system is connected to the VSAT service and reporting Online status

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