Comprehensive Life-cycle Support for Connectivity Solutions

Broadband connectivity at sea is vital for your maritime operations.

KVH OneCare Global Support Program

With KVH OneCare, you enjoy the industry’s most comprehensive array of service offerings designed to

  • Protect your Hybrid or VSAT-only investment,
  • Minimize your costs, and
  • Maximize service availability

Our global team of experts will work with you at every stage of your system's life cycle.

The Benefits of KVH’s Comprehensive Customer Life Cycle Support Program

KVH OneCare Global Support Program Benefits

Application Engineering


Application Engineering ensures that our proposed communications solution will meet your needs. We work with your team to design a fully-integrated solution, even before we make the sale.

  • Solution Consulting – understanding your needs and proposing a design
  • Pre-deployment Activity – configuring equipment and coordinating landside and vessel network integration

OneCare Application Engineering Solutions Datasheet (PDF)


KVH certified technicians working on an HTS antenna

Solution Deployment


Solution Deployment coordinates landside and on-vessel equipment installation, all timed to what’s most convenient for you – to minimize downtime and ensure you’re ready to sail.

  • Program Management – gives you a single point of contact
  • Onboard Equipment Installation – including initial user training
Antenna Pedestal Specification Wizard
OneCare Shipside Terminal Installation Price Sheet (PDF)
OneCare Vessel Prep Materials Price Sheet (PDF)

KVH certified technicians deployed to ship in port

Operating Support


Operating Support focuses on the long-term health of your communications investment. Services are designed to maximize availability, minimize total cost of ownership, and provide you peace of mind.

  • Technical Assistance – choose from three great packages
  • Preventative Maintenance – periodic checks to maximize equipment uptime
  • Extended Warranty – offered for an additional 3 years beyond the standard 2/2 year parts and labor warranty
KVH technician monitoring VSAT antenna data

Technical Assistance Packages – Tailored to Your Needs




Product/Solution Coverage2:
TracNet Hybrid Connectivity Systems
(Includes 2-year Parts/2-year Labor Standard Warranty)
yes yes yes
TracPhone® mini-VSAT BroadbandSM Antenna System
(Includes 2-year Parts/2-year Labor Standard Warranty)
yes yes yes
Purchased and Installed with:
Iridium Backup   yes
Technical Assistance:
24x7/365 Technical Support yes yes
Software Maintenance and Updates1 yes yes yes
Service Event Scheduling and Coordination yes
yes yes
Annual Airtime Service Review at Customer's Request2 yes yes yes
Service Record Keeping yes yes yes
In Field Service:
Remote Port Repair Coverage3,4 yes
Monthly price per vessel
Subscriber required to choose one:
  1. Over the air, plus non-IP belowdecks equipment updated during Preventative Maintenance Check (PMC).
  2. Annual Service review includes airtime account review, report and recommendations, plus scheduling for Preventative Maintenance Check (PMC). Contact Tech Support for pricing and to schedule a PMC.
  3. Includes limited allowance of $10,000 USD per service event or $25,000 USD annually for, technician travel and lodging, work time, wait time, two-way economy air freight, import duties, and rigging/tender/crane as required.
  4. Excludes U.S. Government-denied countries, where safety of personnel and/or equipment cannot be guaranteed, there are work visa entry issues, import restrictions, or necessary equipment is not available as required for the service event.

OneCare Preventative Maintenance Checks Datasheet (PDF)
OneCare Global Extended Warranty Price Sheet (PDF)
OneCare Technical Assistance Packages Price Sheet (PDF)
OneCare Superyacht Technical Assistance Packages Price Sheet (PDF)

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