TracPhone V3IP

The world's smallest maritime VSAT antenna system delivers big performance with mini-VSAT Broadband service: broadband connectivity enhanced with content delivery and network management, all at an affordable price.



You'll spend more time on the yacht when you can keep connected to family, friends, and office with fast broadband connectivity and crystal clear voice.



To achieve mission objectives, give your vessels and crew the fast and reliable communications they need, whether dealing with safety patrols, emergency response, or national security activities.



To meet increasing broadband demands for operations and crew morale, bring KVH's SATCOM solution onboard for fast, affordable broadband and high quality voice.




Choose mini-VSAT Broadband service to provide reliable SATCOM-on-the-Move to all your vehicles in mission-critical situations.



Ensure your remote field locations have reliable SATCOM, high-speed satellite Internet, and crystal-clear voice services from mini-VSAT Broadband.

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"TracPhone V3 with mini-VSAT Broadband service delivers reliable onboard connectivity for our business and affordable Internet and phone service for the crew - all at a price we can afford."

Jeff Schaal, IT Director,
Sause Bros.

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KVH TracPhone V3IP: World's Smallest Maritime VSAT
TracPhone V3IP maritime VSAT system provides affordable satellite phone and high-speed Internet service to vessels worldwide.

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Boaters want to stay connected while on their boats - KVH's TracPhone V-series antennas and mini-VSAT Broadband service are the ideal way to bring satellite Internet, phone, and e-mail to the boat.

Extreme Testing: KVH Satellite Antennas Take a Wild Ride
KVH's Vice President for Product Development describes the custom hexapod that KVH uses for testing its satellite antennas, which are used at sea, on land, and in the air.

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5 Things that Make mini-VSAT Broadband No. 1 in Maritime VSAT
KVH's Vice President of Satellite Products & Services gives a brief overview of KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband network.

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