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KVH is a global leader in mobile connectivity, enabling people on sea and land to stay connected to business, family, and friends through innovative hybrid communications and content.

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  • 2022

    TracNet KVH ONE

    Introduction of KVH ONE and TracNet

    KVH introduces introduces the KVH ONE hybrid network and groundbreaking TracNet terminals for fast, reliable connectivity at sea and at the dock. The TracNet H30, H60, and H90 terminals feature satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology under one dome, with intelligent, automatic switching based on availability, cost, and quality of data connection to continually deliver the best performance.

  • 2021

    TracPhone V30

    Introduction of the TracPhone V30

    KVH introduces its most compact Ku-band VSAT antenna to date with the launch of its 37 cm TracPhone V30. Designed to provide ease of installation and retrofit with a single power-data coax cable, the TracPhone V30 offers DC power with an integrated modem in the dome for higher signal strength and efficiency, and the compact VSAT-Hub belowdecks unit with built-in Wi-Fi.

  • 2020

    KVh P-1775 IMU

    KVH Introduces PIC Inside P-1775 IMU

    With improved reliability and environmental survivability over competing technologies, the P-1775 IMU features KVH’s all-new, exclusive photonic integrated chip (PIC) technology. An advanced inertial sensor system, the high-performing P-1775 IMU is designed for systems and applications where very high bandwidth, low latency, and low drift are critical.

  • KVH TracVision TV10

    KVH Launches the TracVision TV10

    KVH introduces the TracVision TV10—the world’s lightest 1 meter ultra-high efficiency marine satellite TV antenna. The powerful high-gain marine satellite TV system offers expanded global Ku-band HD reception with advanced stabilized tracking and extended coverage to deliver uninterrupted entertainment and a crystal-clear viewing experience.

  • KVH Watch

    Launch of Remote Expert Intervention

    KVH unveils Remote Expert Intervention, a powerful addition to the KVH Watch® IoT Connectivity as a Service solution. Remote Expert Intervention supports on-demand video-enabled remote support sessions that permit experts on shore to guide onboard personnel through troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair procedures that improve equipment performance and reduce service costs.

  • 2019

    KVH Watch

    Launch of KVH Watch IoT Connectivity as a Service

    Dedicated, secure connectivity for remote monitoring and real-time intervention. KVH Watch is the all-inclusive, no commitment IoT Connectivity as a Service solution for equipment manufacturers, shipyards, service providers, and more.

  • KVH TracVision UHD7

    Introduction of the TracVision UHD7

    KVH introduces the ultimate HD and 4K DIRECTV® entertainment experience at sea with the launch of its TracVision UHD7 equipped with KVH’s patented TriAD technology, which simultaneously receives broadcasts from three Ku- and Ka- band DIRECTV satellites.

  • KVH TracPhone V11-HTS

    Introduction of the TracPhone V11-HTS

    The TracPhone HTS-series gets its newest addition with the introduction of the TracPhone V11-HTS. The rugged, 1-meter antenna delivers data speeds as fast as 20 Mbps/3 Mbps (down/up) and redundant Ku/C-band for greatly expanded global coverage including Northern and Southern latitudes, and superior connectivity, even in extreme weather.

  • KVh Link

    KVH Link Introduced

    KVH Link brings seafarers treasured connections to home, easily and affordably, through daily news updates, favorite movies, TV, music, and the thrill of sports. It also delivers vital operations data to an entire fleet and custom corporate content to the crew so they can operate safely and efficiently.

  • 2018

    KVH TracPhone V3-HTS

    Introduction of the TracPhone V3-HTS

    KVH introduces the world’s fastest, lightest ultra-compact marine VSAT with the launch of its TracPhone V3-HTS delivering global broadband data speeds as fast as 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up) in a 37 cm antenna that outperforms the leading competing 60-85 cm Ku-band VSAT antennas.

  • KVH TracPhone LTE-1

    Introduction of the TracPhone LTE-1

    KVH launches the TracPhone LTE-1, an ultra-compact, marine-grade communications system that includes a high-gain antenna array, modem, GPS, and Wi-Fi router in one dome to provide HD streaming and Internet more than 20 miles offshore in the U.S.

  • 1775 IMU Fiber Optic Gyro

    KVH Introduces Inertial Measurement Unit with 25g Accelerometers

    KVH makes its top-of-the-line fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the 1775 IMU, available with either + 10g or + 25g accelerometers, designed for highly dynamic applications.

  • 2017
    KVH TracPhone V7-HTS

    Introduction of the TracPhone V7-HTS

    Global satellite communications gets a boost when KVH introduces its TracPhone V7-HTS maritime SATCOM system, which includes both global broadband speeds as fast as 10 Mbps plus a simultaneous unlimited use data channel for unmatched flexibility.

  • KVH TACNAV Moving Map Display

    Moving Map Display Launched for Military Vehicles

    TACNAV MMD combines GPS/GNSS with TACNAV’s inertial or compass-guided navigation solution and a ruggedized color touchscreen.

  • IP-MobileCast YOURlink service

    YOURlink Service Delivers Customer Media via IP-MobileCast

    KVH launches YOURlink, a new media delivery service that enables fleets to distribute their video and audio files securely to vessels worldwide via the IP-MobileCast service.

  • AgilePlans by KVH

    AgilePlans Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) Model Launched

    Creating an entirely new business model, KVH unveils its AgilePlans Connectivity as a Service product, an all-inclusive maritime SATCOM solution with a monthly subscription and no commitment.

  • 2016

    GEO-FOG 3D Inertial Navigation System Unveiled

    KVH’s fully integrated INS offers roll, pitch, and heading accuracies of 0.05 degrees for demanding applications in unmanned, autonomous, and manned aerial, ground, marine, and subsurface platforms.

  • 2015
    mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0

    mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0 Debuts

    The second generation of KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network transforms the maritime VSAT market with greater data delivery at the highest speeds and even more affordable rates.

  • KVH TracVision A9

    TracVision A9 Satellite TV System for Vehicles Introduced

    Low-profile system provides in-motion access to satellite TV programming.

  • 2014
    1725 IMU and 1775 IMU inertial measurement units

    1725 IMU and 1775 IMU Introduced

    Two new inertial measurement units complement the successful 1750 IMU.

  • TACNAV 3D Inertial Navigation System

    TACNAV 3D Inertial Navigation System Launched

    System providing three-dimensional navigation and an embedded GNSS introduced.

  • TracVision TV-series

    TracVision TV-series Launched

    New line of satellite TV antenna systems introduced – TV1, TV3, TV5, TV6.

  • 2013
    DSP-1760 Fiber Optic Gyro

    DSP-1760 FOG Introduced

    KVH debuts a multi-axis fiber optic gyro designed for maximum ease of integration.

  • TracPhone VIP-series

    TracPhone V-IP series Launched

    Advanced satellite communications systems with streamlined belowdecks unit (Integrated CommBox Modem) introduced.

  • IP-MobileCast Content Delivery Service

    IP-MobileCast Introduced

    Content delivery service utilizing multicasting technology with the mini-VSAT Broadband network is announced.

  • 2012
    1750 IMU inertial measurement unit

    1750 IMU Introduced

    KVH debuts an inertial measurement unit incorporating the world's smallest FOG and advanced accelerometer technology.

  • TracPhone V11 and global C-band coverage

    C-band Coverage & TracPhone V11

    KVH expands the reach of the mini-VSAT Broadband network with global C-band coverage, and introduces the 1.1 m (42.5 inch), dual-mode C/Ku-band TracPhone V11 antenna system.

  • 2011
    mini-VSAT Broadband network South America expansion

    Largest Maritime Ku-band Network

    The mini-VSAT Broadband service expands to South America, creating the largest maritime Ku-band network.

  • DSP-1750 Fiber Optic Gyro

    DSP-1750 Introduced

    The world's smallest precision FOG, based on ThinFiber technology, makes its debut.

  • TracPhone V3

    TracPhone V3 Introduced

    KVH debuts the 37 cm (14.5 inch) TracPhone V3, the world's smallest maritime VSAT system.

  • 2010
    CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager

    CommBox Introduced

    KVH adds the CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager to its line of satellite communications solutions after acquiring Norway-based Virtek Communication.

  • 2009
    DSP-1500 Fiber Optic Gyro

    DSP-1500 Introduced

    KVH debuts the DSP-1500, the world's smallest precision fiber optic gyro, with patented Digital Signal Processing technology.

  • 2008
    TracVision M1

    TracVision M1 Introduced

    KVH debuts the 32 cm (12.5 inch) TracVision M1, the world's smallest stabilized marine satellite TV system.

  • 2007
    mini-VSAT Broadband logo and TracPhone V7 antenna

    TracPhone V7 & mini-VSAT Broadband Introduced

    KVH launches the mini-VSAT Broadband satellite communications network, with regional coverage in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe, and introduces the 60 cm (24 inch) TracPhone V7 satellite communications system.

  • 2005
    TracVision M3

    TracVision M3 Introduced

    KVH debuts the 37 cm (14.5 inch) TracVision M3, the world's smallest stabilized marine satellite TV system.

  • TracVision M-series

    TracVision M-series Launched

    KVH introduces TracVision M5 and M7, high-performance 45 cm (18 inch) and 60 cm (24 inch) antennas, giving vessels uninterrupted satellite TV reception in rough conditions.

  • 2003
    KVH TracVision A5

    TracVision A5 Introduced

    KVH introduces the world's first satellite TV system for cars, featuring a phased array antenna and an integrated 12V DIRECTV receiver.

  • 2001
    E-core Fiber

    E-Core Fiber

    KVH introduces E-Core polarization-maintaining fiber, and is the only U.S. fiber optic gyro manufacturer to make its own fiber.

  • 1998
    KVH TracVision LM

    KVH Enters Land Mobile Market with TracVision LM

    KVH introduces the TracVision LM, an in-motion, low-profile (14.5 inch) antenna that delivers satellite television and audio from DIRECTV, DISH Network, and ExpressVu, and is designed for easy installation on recreational vehicles and trucks.

  • 1997
    KVH TracVision II

    TracVision II Introduced

    KVH debuts the world's smallest stabilized marine satellite TV antenna for DIRECTV.

  • KVH FOG Manufacturing Facility

    FOG Manufacturing Facility

    KVH opens a fiber optic gyro manufacturing facility near Chicago, Illinois, when it acquires the sensor products assets of Andrew Corporation.

  • 1994
    KVH TracVision

    TracVision Introduced

    KVH introduces the TracVision satellite television system with stabilized antenna.

  • 1991
    TACNAV Introduced

    TACNAV Introduced

    KVH combines sensor and autocalibration technologies to develop tactical navigation systems (TACNAV) for U.S. land military vehicles.

  • 1989

    DataScope Introduced

    KVH debuts DataScope, a handheld electronic compass/rangefinder.

  • 1988
    Azimuth 100

    Azimuth 100 Launched

    KVH introduces the world's first self-contained digital compass and display system.

  • 1987
    Azimuth 314

    Azimuth 314 Introduced

    KVH debuts the world's first commercial digital fluxgate compass for powerboats.

  • 1985
    KVH Industries

    KVH Industries, Inc.

    Sailcomp Industries is reincorporated as KVH Industries, Inc.

  • 1982
    Sailcomp PC202

    Sailcomp's PC202 Introduced

    The world's first commercial digital fluxgate compass for sailboats is introduced. Sailcomp Industries is incorporated.