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When you subscribe to LTE service with KVH’s TracPhone® LTE-1, you also enjoy access to LTE Manager. Take control of your LTE communications and enjoy the blazing fast connections you want, whether you’re close to the coast, 20 miles or more offshore, heading down the highway, or off the beaten path.

Easy Access via App and the Internet

LTE Manager’s versatile suite of tools is available via the KVH LTE Manager app for iOS and Android as well as through the secure myKVH portal, ensuring you can get to the information and resources you need, wherever you are.

LTE Manager app menu
LTE Manager screen with usage report

Data Usage Reporting

To help you manage your data use and stick to your monthly plan, LTE Manager provides complete data usage and shows your actual monthly allowance usage and overage in the current billing cycle.


Convenient Data Alerts

Stay up to date on your onboard data use with automatic alerts to notify you when your vessel’s data usage reaches certain thresholds, ensuring you have complete visibility into your data use and avoid any surprises on your airtime bill.

LTE Manager screen with usage report
LTE Manager network configuration screen

Network Configuration

The TracPhone LTE-1 includes a fully integrated Wi-Fi router for convenient wireless communications onboard. Use LTE Manager to configure your Wi-Fi as well as the onboard network, including a custom name, choice of security modes, and a unique password to prevent unauthorized access.


In-app Help

Answers to your TracPhone LTE-1 system and service questions are at your fingertips thanks to LTE Manager’s comprehensive in-app Help tool.

LTE Manager in-app help screen

Streaming Fast Connectivity, Affordable Airtime

LTE Airtime

KVH LTE airtime service plans deliver outstanding speeds along with a large data plan and affordable month-to-month subscriptions.

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