Successful Autonomous Navigation Demands KVH Precision

KVH offers precise fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based inertial sensors with PIC Inside photonic integrated chip technology that rewrites the performance cost equation. Now you can get affordable navigation data in all environments and weather conditions even if GPS/GNSS is unavailable. KVH’s proven sensors have logged over a million miles of autonomous driving.

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Meeting the Need MEMS Can't

Inertial navigation can keep you on-track with or without GPS/GNSS. Regardless of weather or road conditions, KVH FOG-based inertial systems meet the challenge when MEMS fall short.

Photonic Chip Technology PIC Inside
Reliability You Trust

KVH’s FOG-based inertial systems are proven to deliver the reliability and performance autonomous vehicles require. The new PIC Inside products from KVH offer even greater reliability and repeatability in the specs that you need.

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Affordable Autonomy

Only KVH offers PIC Inside, which brings FOG and photonic technology together. The result is FOG-based accuracy and reliability that’s designed for automotive mass production.

KVH FOG-based Inertial Systems Stay On-track When MEMS Fall Short

Low-cost Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based inertial sensors are not accurate enough to reduce safety risks adequately, nor can they provide true situational awareness, despite the appeal of their cost and size. FOG-based inertial systems overcome those issues and deliver a superior performance for improved safety.

Discover Why Autonomous Trucks and Shuttles Choose KVH


Reliability You Count On

KVH offers FOGs and inertial sensors that provide the data autonomous vehicles navigation require:

  • Dependable positional accuracy
  • Reliable angular rate
  • Trusted acceleration data

KVH’s PIC technology reinvents FOG technology with a groundbreaking integrated planar optical chip. It replaces individual fiber optic components for even greater reliability and repeatability.

The P-series is integrated with high-performance accelerometers for reduced lateral drift in dead reckoning, better orientation and attitude stability, and superior resistance to shock and vibration.

KVH photonic chip close-up view
P-series IMUs P-1775, P-1750, P-1725

PIC Enhancing GPS
Enhancing GPS/GNSS to Deliver Navigation Accuracy

GPS/GNSS signals used for navigation can be blocked by buildings, terrain, tunnels, parking garages, and signage, or be intentionally jammed or spoofed. FOG-based inertial systems enhance GPS/GNSS using integrated gyros and accelerometers for unjammable, unblockable, and highly accurate navigation. That’s why KVH FOG-based inertial navigation systems are the preferred navigation sensors for vehicles that have driven millions of autonomous miles.

photonic chip tests being performed on laptop in lab
Ensuring Performance through Rigorous Testing & Qualification

We rigorously test our new PIC technology to ensure superior performance, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Part Level – Testing includes over temperature cycling, temperature and humidity, and shock and vibration, all run over multiple lots of parts to validate the repeatability and robustness of manufacturing
  • Product Level – Testing is done across the complete set of performance specifications and environmental conditions and repeated over time to validate the design

Making Autonomy Affordable

diagram of FOG components with PIC inside

KVH’s revolutionary photonic chip technology overcomes numerous technological obstacles to meet the demanding requirements for autonomous vehicles – including mass producibility. The consistency of components and manufacturing ensures steady performance and reliability vital for the eventual mass production of affordable precision FOG-based inertial sensors to serve the autonomous automotive industry.


Why did May Mobility Partner with KVH?

Hear from Andrew Dykman, Senior Field Autonomy Engineer

"The KVH IMU on our vehicle gives us detailed, accurate and low noise information about how we’re moving through the world. This allows us to align ourselves and other things in the environment such as pedestrians, cyclists and other cars."

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