Blazing the Trail for Successful, Safe Autonomy

Twenty years of autonomous expertise makes KVH one of the world leaders developing and manufacturing advanced gyros and inertial systems for autonomous navigation, positioning, and platform stabilization.

Inertial is Critical for Autonomous

Successful, safe autonomous navigation relies on the fusing of different types of sensors and systems to create multi-sensor solutions, as no single navigation solution is robust or reliable enough to accomplish precision autonomous navigation on its own.

KVH's high-performance gyros and inertial systems are designed for easy integration with other components such as cameras, radar, and Lidar. Unjammable, precise, and reliable, KVH inertial systems fill the gaps when other technologies fail. They improve the navigation solution's performance as a whole.

Innovation Defines KVH

KVH revolutionized marine navigation with the invention of the first commercial digital fluxgate compass in 1982 and then reinvented tactical navigation in 1991 by introducing the TACNAV system for military vehicles.

The recent introduction of KVH's photonic integrated chip (PIC) into fiber optic technology promises to reinvent how high-performance, precision FOG-based gyros, and inertial systems are made.

Renewing an established technology with improved reliability, repeatability, and automated manufacturing, KVH continues its legacy of innovation.

building photonic chips

Patents and Proven Results

P-Series IMU Family

KVH's commitment to innovation is illustrated by the numerous patents awarded to the company for four decades. Among the most revolutionary is patent 10,274,319 for new photonic integrated chip technology replacing individual fiber optic components with a groundbreaking integrated planar optical chip and improving reliability, manufacturability, and repeatability.

Read more details on KVH's Photonic Integrated Chip Technology

Other company patents include a new method for incorporating optical material into an optical fiber, an apparatus and method for electronic RIN reduction in fiber optic sensors utilizing a filter with group delay, optical fiber composite devices, and a system and method for closed-loop gyroscope stabilization.

Autonomous Expertise

Precision autonomous navigation can't be achieved by any single navigation solution, as none is robust or reliable enough to accomplish this demanding task on its own.

That’s why KVH's high-performance gyros and inertial systems are designed for easy integration with other components such as cameras, radar, and Lidar, and GNSS.

Filling the gaps when other systems' fail due to weather, are unavailable, or not accurate enough, KVH's inertial systems are unjammable, precise, and reliable. They improve any navigation solution's performance so that the result is improved accuracy, navigation precision, and dependability.

Autonomous Car

Extensive Fielded Platforms

Since the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge self-driving vehicles competition, KVH has been the go-to choice for developers of autonomous platforms. KVH FOG-based inertial navigation solutions are the preferred navigation sensors for vehicles that have driven millions of autonomous miles.

KVH knows well the challenges of autonomy. Its outstanding record of producing high-performance, reliable, and precise gyro and inertial navigation technologies are helping to make advanced autonomous platforms a reality.

alt text

DARPA Grand Challenge for self-driving vehicles automated inventory tracking

alt text

Frontline Robotics unmanned security vehicles

alt text

First integration into U.S. commercial self-driving cars

alt text

NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge

alt text

DARPA Robotics Challenge
(11 of 25 finalists, including winner)

alt text

Greensea Systems
underwater navigation & control system

alt text

Saab SeaWasp
mine hunting

alt text

Oceanserver Technologies
monitoring & research system

alt text

May Mobility
autonomous shuttles

alt text

Robotic QinetiQ "Titan"
autonomous warfighter assistant

alt text

Robotic Research
autonomous navigation kit for lead/follow

alt text

world's first autonomous orchard sprayer


Photonics on a Chip: Consistent, Reliable & Cost-efficient

KVH Fiber Optic Gyros
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PIC Photonic Chip

The patent number for KVH’s groundbreaking photonic integrated chip technology

photonic device assembly

Fiber optic gyros produced for standalone systems and fully integrated inertial solutions

P-1775 IMU

The P-1775 IMU ensures accuracy after integration with angle random walk of ≤0.012°/√hour

KVH's GEO-FOG 3D a fully integrated INS

The heading accuracy offered by GEO-FOG™ 3D, a fully integrated INS

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